What is the best laser for removing hair?

The faqs are all three years old so I assume technology has improved significantly since then. I have a lot of back and shoulder hair that needs to be eradicated. It’s corse and dark and my skin is light so I know a laser is a good approach. I want to know which is the best one so I don’t have to pay 8 times.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia FYI. THANKS! :slight_smile:

Technology hasn’t really changed that much. I’d say Apogee Elite is just as good as GentleLASE and just as good as MPX. The MPX just has larger spot size and the new hybrid mode but good luck fucking someone that has that laser since it’s only a few months old. Never heard of LightAge Epicare before.

“but good luck fucking someone that has that laser since it’s only a few months old.”

Hahahaha, edokid, is THAT why you always get such huge discounts on your laser treatments?

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I don’t really get pulse width, I understand lower is supposedly better but I’m always treated at 20ms. Asking my tech to go lower than that she thinks I’m insane and absolutely refuses. She’s been doing laser for 7 years and has tons of happy clients and has never gone lower so I don’t really know!

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Think of the pulse width as the distance between the crests of an ocean wave (the “width” between the “pulses” of water). The longer the width between waves, the farther apart they are and the less frequently they hit the shore, so the rocks erode slowly. Shorter widths/distances between the waves means they are hitting the shore in really fast succession, transferring way more energy per given interval of time, and will erode the rocks faster.

This analogy seems pretty abstract, but it’s actually really close to what’s really happening, and will help you remember why low pulse width is more powerful, all other factors being the same.

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ihatebodyhair your’s the best explanation about pulse-width that I’ve read on hairtell. Always read lower pulse is best but no details about how that plays a role. I started out on 5ms during my treatment but then she raised it to 10ms, but it was still painful. I’m going to insist that they keep the pulse low.:slight_smile:

I agree with you , great explanation. I also give some credit to PrincessKitty for “pulse for dummies”

Haha, well I didn’t meant to explain it like you were dummies. I just it might help visualize it. I agree that ihatebodyhair explained it very succinctly, but I didn’t see his post until after I posted my explanation. Sorry!

OP: The FAQs are factual and are regularly updated. I wrote them. If I’m ever gone from the forum, hopefully others will keep them updated.

You should definitely read them carefully. For example, you’ll read the part about skin types. Use the chart to tell us yours. “Light” and “dark” are subjective terms. So is “coarse”. Most men’s shoulder and back hair is actually not necessarily all coarse enough for laser and treating patches that don’t have coarse and dense hair may stimulate more growth. So you have to be careful to only treated selected areas with actual dense coarse hair.

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I should clarify, I mean I understand in general how pulse width works, the explanations above are great though. I just mean in the winter for example my skin is very light, but my clinic still only uses around a 20ms pulse width on Apogee Elite.

It’s frustrating though because regardless, it doesn’t matter how much you know about laser, it’s really up to the technician treating you as to what settings they use. I know she’s lowered it on my hands before saying lower pulse width since the hair is finer. That’s mostly why I’m breaking for a bit from the laser because I’ve been doing it non stop for over a year and at most had 3 month windows in between treatments. I want to try and break for a good 5 months at least just to evaluate where I’m at with everything and see what kind of change I’ve had. The laser has got rid of a lot of hair on my stomach, but starting to think it may be worth the money to switch to electrolysis on my front since that’s the only area I want 100% hair free so thinking at least electrolysis I know is going to wipe it out!