What is the best laser for me?

I am a type II, very dark almost black hair in almost all the areas I want cleared. I found there are a surprising number of practitioners in my area, so I was wondering what would be the best laser for my situation. When I say best, I mean:

1 has the highest efficiency, ie will require the least number of sessions on the same hair to clear the area

2 has the absolute lowest chance of side effects, ie causing more growth.

3 I want vast vast reduction, but it wouldn’t have to be full permanent removal. Pernanent reduction of 80% or better would be fine with me.

If anyone could recommend a kind of laser that should (at least on paper) work well for me, I’d appreciate it.



either an alexandrite or a diode type laser are best for you. Lasers such as LightSheer or GentleLASE are popular. once you get that narrowed down, you need to make sure the tech knows what they’re doing as the results will greatly depend on their skill, how they set the settings etc.

Since you are a type II, either the alex or diode will work for you. Another good alex laser is the Apogee. After a few treatments and if the hair gets finer, you may want to switch over to the Lightsheer. To get good results they need to be aggressive with the Lightsheer. They should press down on the handpiece (compression) as the laser pulse is fired. This makes a huge difference in results! As the hair gets finer, you should be seeing settings of 45-50J and 50-100ms pulse widths. In the hands of a good practitioner, the Lightsheer will provide amazing results.


Thanks for the info. I had no idea about compression until the other day. I’m trying to find out all that stuff so I can accurately judge the skill of the tech. Is there anything else, any other tactics or skills that some techs do that others don’t I should be aware of?



avoid those that use gliding without compression. the up and down method with compression works best.