What is the best home electrolysis kit?


I was hoping to use this method of hair removal… I have heard a lot of talk on this website about One Touch… is that that best brand to buy? Or is there a better brand? Does anyone have any comments regarding experience with the One Touch?


There are many posts in this forum on using the One Touch. It is about the only “home” unit available (besides scams like patch units) and is only about $30. You can also buy pro units, or even make your own using a professional stylus (complete for under $100). Browse around for info in the forums. Some One Touch info is available at www.NoHair.info

Thanks, NoHair, for your help!!

What about the one available from this site? It looks more heavy duty and you can use your own probes rather than the ones from one touch:


Anyone heard about this one?

It looks like an ok unit. Certainly beefier than a One Touch and the settings and LEDs will certainly facilitate the process. A little pricey for what it is, but it should last longer than a One Touch and using professional needles is less frustrating than using those provided with the One Touch.

The things that concerns me the most is that it Automatically starts the current when the needle comes in contact with your skin. If you are working on a follicle thats difficult to determine the angle/depth/location, then you will be burning the skin surface as you probe. If you purchase this unit, I would suggest adding a foot activated switch between the “Return lead” and the front panel, which would be easy to do. Then this unit should work just fine.

Pro Units that have such an “automatic” setting include a way to put in a Timed Delay between the insertion and the activation of the current. As the electrologist gets better at probing, one may set the delay to a lower and faster “ignition” setting.