What is the best hair removal method.....

What is the best hair removal method to use on the upper lip for a teenage girl? The only types im not to keen on are waxing and shaving as waxing can cause future problems and shaving can leave a shadow and cause stubble. I’ve got work experience in a while and would really like to help my confidence by not constantly worrying about my moustache. If you have any ideas im really keen to know but would like a method that wont cause problems or make it any worse.
Thanx danni

If you are looking for a permanent solution - do electrolysis. Of the temporary methods available, though it’s not something you prefer, shaving would be the better choice. I definetly would avoid waxing or tweezing or you will have a real mess to clean up in the future.

Vaniqa might be helpful. If your insurance plan doesn’t pay, then Vaniqa can be expensive.

Bleaching and hair dissolving agents like NEET or Nair can be a bother and can gradually make your hair problem worse over time. So now we’re back to the better choice for now so you can enjoy a worry-free hair-free future - good 'ole steady friend - electrolysis.


As im only 14 i cant get electrolysis or laser removal done, as much as i would like to. But thanx for your help -i guess i’ll have to shave.