What is Palomar Medilux ???

Palomar Medilux technology is similar to that of laser hair removal systems, however the Palomar Medilux is faster and more effective. Unwanted hair on the back or the legs can be treated in as little as 30 minutes. It is designed to provide utmost results as well as a comfortable experience for the patient.

This is the explanation they gave me.
Is that true?
and is this the laser called IPL??
People are generally talking about ND:yag,coolglide,Lightsheer and so on…right?
And I hear about Palomar Medilux for the first time…but it sounds great.
Help me out!!!

It’s an IPL system. It could be faster than laser because it has a larger spot size. Is it more effective than laser? The jury is still out on that one. I don’t think IPL will work very well on dark skin (Type IV or higher) unless it has longer wavelengths in its spectrum. The fluence would have to be turned way down and that will limit its effectiveness. If you have type III skin or lighter, it may be effective.

Palomar does not have the largest spot size like they claim, it is only 7 square centimeters. Still it is larger than most lasers. The Quadra Q4 has a 34 X 27mm spot size for 9 square centimeters.

I have had two demo treatmens with IPL devices recently. Ok, one of them, the Harmony, is an AFT system that uses LEDs instead of a flashtube. The Harmony worked very well on my upper legs, above the tan line. There is almost zero hair in the treated area after a month. I will no more at 2 months.

I had my beard treated this week with the Quadra Q4, and it seems to have zapped a lot of hair follicles, but I won’t know any more for a couple of weeks when shedding starts. As of now, the beard is reacting just as it did after laser treatments.