What is meant by Permanent Reduction?

Hi guys,

I don’t plan on getting LHR anymore because I have had some bad experiences with it (I’m a Fitzpatrick V which is likely why; lots of pigmentation issues and complete regrowth).

However, I’ve never felt I’ve gotten a straight answer regarding the term ‘permanent reduction’.

If something is permanent, then why don’t we say LHR is permanent removal?

If all the hair treated is only reduced for a time, then another way would be to say LHR is ‘temporary reduction’ - right?

Permanent [color:#FF0000]REDUCTION[/color] applies to laser because laser cannot affect every hair structure due to color and size. You only get a percentage of hair that is affected permanently because of these limitations. Whereas, electrolysis is permanent hair [color:#FF0000]REMOVAL[/color] because there are no limitations or diminishing returns - electrolysis can affect ANY HAIR STRUCTURE, OF ANY COLOR ON ANY COLOR OF SKIN.

Laser - a certain percentage of hair is affected and gone forever
Electrolysis- any hair - anywhere is affected and gone forever

Thanks Dee!

LHR is a grab bag of hairs that can actually be removed. Like dfahey said it’s certain hair structures that are effected. With a keen eye you could probably predict the hairs that will be destroyed. Good for reduction, not necessarily for all hairs being removed.

Often people get around an 80% reduction with laser except this or move onto electrolysis to get rid of the paler brown ones or blonde. Although I would love to have it done on my bikini area I wouldn’t have it done on the face too many reported cases of hair stimulation for me to chance it, plus I only get the odd black one mine or thin brown ones not so good for zapping unless with electrolysis.