What is a good way to soften up your beard?

I haven’t really tried too much but have tried several products designed speciafically for the African-American male, though I’m blatantly Caucausian, due to my igrown hairs and razo bumps developing? I generally shave against the grain, I mean if you can’t shave smooth, why shave at all? Aguila gave a good suggestion about exfoliating, but should I try to tenderize my rough face carpet to rid myself of ingrowns and bumps?

Exfoilate helps lessen them ingrowns but don’t exfoliate just before shaving, it might cause more irriation.

What type of lotion do you use after shaving?

Things with alcohol may irritate the skin.

DANG IT, you got me its got alcohol, its some stuff made by gillette, what is good for lotion after shaving?


Do you know why they put so much alcohol in?
Because when alcohol is applied to the face, the quick evaporation makes your skin feel cooler.
The downside is, you skin is very dry afterwards.
They have a few aftershave gels for sensitive skin with low alcohol or without alcohol and maybe with aloe.
If these above still brother you, try only aloe.
If your skin has the right type of moisture in it, you’ll have less irriation and red bumps.
The big companies will never tell you that chit, because they want sell you something, don’t they?
You can still use cologue on other places for the fragrance.

Use Tend Skin to prevent ingrowns. If find the best and most economical way is to use a combination of Edge Pro Gel for Tough Beards and Moore’s Unique Hydroglide Shaving Solution (spray bottle). The Hydroglide is available at some Walgreen’s. They can be found on the web at