What is a AFT laser?

A place close to me is advertising this as laser hair removal and skin rejuvanation. Is this a good laser for hair removal?

Try to find out the name of the laser (or IPL) machine. Is it a Harmony machine from Orion lasers?

This is the only thing I could find as far as AFT with respect to hair removal:


They claim this is better than IPL for hair removal but I have been unable to determine how it would be better. I am looking into this and will post if I find anything.


Thank you. I ask and they kept telling me that it is an AFT.They will be open Mon. and I will try to find out more.

seems like it’s a fancy IPL, but still an IPL. So using intense pulse light technology. This is not an alex or a diode or a yag.

Would it be a good hair removal choice?

if you have light skin and dark hair, a diode or an alexandrite laser should work much better

Thanks,I found out that it is IPL. So this is not a good option? I have pale skin and dark hair.

you would get better and faster results with a diode or alexandrite laser (best for your skin and hair type) rather then IPL (intense pulse light, not a laser)