What if the laser touches your lips?


Had my 1st treatment on the upper lip and felt a LOT of stinging along my top lip where the laser passed over the edge of my actual lip.

If the laser is attracted to pigmentation, does anyone know what effect it has if it touches or passes over your lips?


The upper lip is the most sensitive spot - it stings regardless of the amount of hair present. If you have permanent make-up, you could get burned (and the make-up blasted away!) if the laser is passed directly over that area. The vermilion border of the lip is actually mucous membrane - you could possibly get a blister, but probably not. Your practitioner should thoroughly cleanse the area of any make-up (ie. lipstick) before treatment. :wink:


so in this case is it better to go for the COOLGLIDE laser because it will instantly cool the area?