What if the hair doesn't fall out?

I have had two IPL treatments in the last two months. I do not notice any hair falling out 1-2 weeks after treatment. What should I do? Does this mean my settings are not high enough. I wash my face with a rag every night to maybe loosen the hair. Any suggestions??? :slight_smile:

Some hair will take a lot longer to fall out. Just wait. (Otherwise those might be the one missed)

As I wrote in a previous message I had laser treatment on my chest/stomach and arms…

Now 1,5 week later. Almost all the hair from the chest/stomach is gone, I can pluck everyone of them off.

But on the arms no hairs is to be gone expect the hairs that poped up, they used the same settings as on chest/stomach (The LightSheer laser device was set at level 30).

I’m abit disapointed on my arms. Anyone experienced the same ?

I have some hair left on my arms too, but I have not had as many treaments on them as on my chest and back. But the hair there is a lot finer than it used to be. That’s what I am going to concentrate on next. I had a treatment at 28J on my arms and it did absolutely nothing. They were retreated at 40J with better results.

My next treatments on my back shoulders and arms will be with the Aurora IPL/RF system. Have to try the newest gadget out on the market. My first appointment is 3/25. I can’t wait. I will report back with the results.


Definitely let us know about the Aurora. As you know, some of their claims have yet to be replicated in published studies, and neither IPL nor RF delivered through the skin have the track record of most lasers. Will the combination prove effective? Guess we’ll find out!

Those who can’t afford to risk money on unproven methods are advised to seek a medthod with published data and performed by a highly experienced practitioner!

Thanks as always to RJC for being a brave pioneer for all of us!