what I have learned about Laser Hair removal

I have been researching laser hair removal for that last year or so online. I finally had a consult with a Dematologist a couple days ago that uses lightsheer.I am looking to get shoulder/back hair removed.

Here is basically my take:
First off, the doctor said that he would do 6 treatments and I should expect no more than 50% removal. This jives with what I have found researching. Most people expect 90-100% removal after 5 treatments. I just don’t think this happens. I don’t expect it in my case.

Then he said each additional set of treatments would probably remove 50%. There is a law of demisished returns. So if you get 50% reduction the first 6 treatments, then the next 6 would only remove 50% of what was left. He said this is average and reasonible for most people to expect.(of course you body type and hair color plays a big factor). I am talking about my type witch is white skin (than can tan) with black hairs.

Also, he said that, to find out how effect it has been, to wait 6 months. This allows the 3 stages of hair growth to all have a cycle and then you will really see where you are. Then you can still continue another cycle after than 6 months if you want. I think this jives with Fleabags posts about having growback after 6 months.

It sounds like you and I are in similar situations. I would be extremely happy to reduce the amount of hair on my back and shoulders by 50%.

Would treatments be monthly?
What kind of Laser do you plan on using?
Are you having it done by a doctor or technician?
How much do you expect to pay for 6 treatments?

treatments would be 6-8 weeks apart.

they use Lightsheer

the person doing it is a Dr of dermatology. I think most doing LHR are not doctors but I feel better doing it thru someone that is.

Cost is around $1100/session. That probably seems high but i figure having a dr doing everything adds to the cost, plus I am in a high cost area, period. I haven’t checked other places but I bet I could get it cheaper but might not get the expertise I want. I mean it is a friggin laser!

I guess what it comes down to is that hair removal is a) expensive and b) could take several years under current technology to be where you want to be. I think most people expect to be 90% hairfree after 5 treatments, but really it might take 2-3 years of treatments. and then it still depends on your skin color, age, hormones, hair color, etc.

I guess its a matter of getting as educated as you can and then making a decision to do it, and not expect the world. I think I have resonable expectations and like you said 50% would be a big improvement from what I have now!


I did some research of my own and your conclusions are correct, but I thing that what you are asked to pay is too expensive. I also talked to some dermatologists about it. They told me that the expertise needed is in the setting of the Lightsheer laser device and checking for progress. The actual treatment doesn’t require any special expertise and you and I can do it after a small training period. In my country for 1100$ you get unlimited treatments until you are happy. So it really sounds too much. Maybe you should check other places.

All the best,


i’ve been researching this too, and have a consultation/test patch booked for tomorrow. i also think lightsheer is the safest bet, so that’s what i’m trying first.
your conclusions sound pretty reasonable, thank you for sharing them. i hope you keep us updated as to your results.
though, i agree with piaj, it sounds pretty expensive.
good luck!!

Hello, Please keep in mind that we all respond differently. Not only that, but some body parts may respond better than others.

I give you this example: I’ve had my whole face and neck treated 8 times over an 18 month period. For my upper lip the hair deduction is less than 10 percent. For my neck it is at least 80 percent.