What happens if you don't pluck the hair?

I was wondering about this, but was unable to find answers online. What happens if you don’t pull the hair out after your electrolyze it? Will it fall off on its own or with some exfoliation, or reattach like a severed toe? Would it increase change of infection to have a dead hair in there? (I know the hair is always dead but you know what I mean).

I ask because the area I’m doing, under my chin, requires both of my hands to manipulate. And when I go to get the tweezers after, I lose track of which hair I did and it also takes me time. If I could just motor through without worrying about removing the hair, I could do so much more.

As long as the insertion and treatment energy was done correctly, the hair will fall out on its own, and permanent hair removal will be the end result. The problem is one may experience pustules and other manifestations of the body trying to expel necrotic tissue. Additionally, if you don’t remove treated hairs, how do you avoid retreating the same follicle and how do you see the results of your work i.e. bare skin revealed?

There is a technique called ULTRALYSIS that is based on this concept that you don’t remove the hairs while you are in session. The hair is removed post session either via adhesive, friction, or the client taking a shower and rubbing the area briskly with a towel. If the client does not comply with post treatment removal instructions, a higher than normal necrotic tissue response can result.

If you can master the “two-handed” technique you would not have this difficulty. Needle cord in one hand, tweezers in the other hand.

With “progressive epilation” you would actually have a hold of the hair with the tweezers during the same time you zap the hair. With “classic blend” the current is on while you test the hair. Once the hair slides out, you turn off the current: “follicle finished.” In this way, every follicle gets it’s own specific requirement of current, based on it’s size and depth.

In a field of hundreds of hairs, not all follicles require the same current, so “progressive epilation” addresses this issue nicely.

The two-handed technique is not difficult. Actually, I’m not able to do the one-hand technique; two hands is “second nature.”

I always thought 2-hands would be easier for Europeans to master since they use both hands when they eat … unlike Americans that fiddle around: cut the meat, put the knife down, pick up the fork, feed the face … then fiddle all over again. Silly really …

Using two hands would probably increase your speed by at least 30% … lots of time is wasted switching tweezers and needle cord in one hand.

Thanks for the input! The two-handed technique sounds brilliant and I think I could do it on my legs or chin, but doing my throat requires me to kind of manipulate my skin a little bit so I can reach or see the hair I want to do so I need my other hand free. Maybe I can tape my face in place… I am sure I would look very charming! :wink:

I’ve never seen a study (of course), but I wonder if the 2-hand technique would result in less hand and wrist fatigue? I’ve never heard of anyone (Hinkel trained) that ever suffered from such problems as “carpal tunnel.”

From the literature this is one of the causes: “Making the same hand movements over and over, especially if the wrist is bent down (your hands lower than your wrists), or making the same wrist movements over and over.”

With the two-handed technique, there is virtually NO wrist movement at all. The hands stay comfortably “fixed” in one position and the movement is limited to very minimum finger movements.

Of course, I have watched many one-handed electrologists, and it always looks like an “Olympic athlete” doing gymnastics.

It would probably be easier overall, for sure. However my hands and wrists don’t hurt as I don’t do that many hairs at a time (so I can limit the scabbing at any given time).

You are a self-zapper? (Actually, I did most of my chest and belly myself and did use the 2-handed technique.)

Just started. That is why I posted in the DIY subforum :slight_smile:

I have one of those One-Touch things. I will definitely be trying the two-handed technique. It wastes so much time to zap, remove probe, try to pull out hair, zap again, bla bla bla. I might be able to get away with it on my throat… I will try it anyway. If not I probably won’t pull them out at all, and just exfoliate a bit in the shower or duct-tape myself (kidding).

“One-Touch things?”

YIKES and Good grief!


I have really been thinking about how to respond. I do NOT want to sound like an “ass,” and sometimes I DO “come across” like that: I’m just sort of direct.

I mean nothing personal here and have great respect for you and love that you are here on Hairtell and encourage you 100% … keep asking and posting. However …

It’s like this: James has a Ferrari, Dee Dee drives a Lamborghini, I drive an older Corvette, (but with a few “tricks up my sleeve,” I’m still in the race), Jossie drives a Porsche (but drives it like I do).

The thing is, we are “race car” drivers and live our lives on the “pro-circuit.” Every day is an adventure and challenge to “win the race.”

You aren’t racing, and you only want to drive to the store “now and then,” and that’s perfectly fine. But with a “One-Touch” type device, you really have a “skate board!”

To get into driving at all, (even to get up to the store) you should at least pick up a used REAL electrolysis device (HF only, or both HF and DC combination); then, at least you can be on some equal footing.

With these “Perma-tweeze” DC-only devices (Perma-Tweeze was the first one of these devices developed in the 1950s), its’ going to take you, oh I don’t know, 10 years to do your legs? These devices are really toys.

Again, I apologize for being so blunt. I am trying to give you my best “shot” here. After all, your goal is for you to get your hairs removed permanently? Right?

Okay, yeah, I sound like an “arse.” (I hope they don’t kick me off Hairtell … “again.”)

Your analogy does not work on me, as I am petrified of driving, and don’t want to spend money on a car. A skateboard (maybe an old bike of the same value would be cuter) to go to the store now and then is right up my alley.

I don’t expect to be on equal footing with a limited budget, nor do I expect (or plan) to do my legs. I had the lowers lasered, and have cleaned up some stragglers with the One Touch, and the uppers I epilate. I had my armpits lasered as well, and while much has grown back, I no longer care, not even enough to shave. It’s not coarse anymore, and it’s not like it’s that crazy for there to be armpit hair in an armpit.

My vadge, I have no desire to do. I keep it tidy and call it vintage. No one has kicked me out of bed yet!

The only part that bugs me, for real, is any stubble I can feel on my chin (10 hairs at any given time - so call it 100 hairs total?) and a couple of coarse hairs where my throat meets my neck. The rest on my throat, I would love for it to go away and will certainly treat to the extent I am capable of doing so, but it is fine and bleaches well.

I suppose instead of trying to justify myself I could just have said that I researched it a lot before buying it, felt I made an informed (if not ideal) choice, and if it doesn’t work, I’m only out $10, plus a replacement battery and some salt.

(Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate your input, but your initial response put me on the defensive and made me feel like I should feel stupid, despite not having been under any false impressions when I bought the thing. Sorry.)

Sorry that was not my intention, of course. I didn’t read thru all your posts and thought you were trying to do your legs with a one-touch.

Yeah, this is probably just fine for a few facial hairs!

Oh lawd no, I know doing legs is not a reasonable goal with this unit. I am on this forum, give me a little credit that I did some research, first! :slight_smile:

(I know it was not your intention - I am practicing using my “I” statements, I guess, as my husband recently confided that he has no idea what I am thinking sometimes).

Probably the one thing that “gets to me” is the public being scammed!

I started collecting these “home devices” years ago. All kinds of things from DC needle to home “electronic tweezers.” Patients would bring them in, disappointed of course … and I collected. I think I had more than 40 of these when I tossed out the whole lot. (I’m waiting for the home “laser” units to start showing up.)

I met the guy that invented “Perma-Tweeze,” and he was a delightful old guy. I think his company was called “General Medical.” After Perma-Tweeze, he got into making home DC devices for “excessive sweating.” He told me that he sold at least 150,000 of the Perma-Tweeze devices. At $15.00 - $20.00 per unit, that’s a LOT of money.

The thing is, folks can design inexpensive home devices and the “hit” on each person is not all that much. Add it all together and it will make you a millionaire for sure.

The key is “battery powered,” (anything attached to an outlet must follow “expensive” rules). The thing should be relatively safe (not cause any injury). And, the best way to NOT cause injury is for the device to not work. Also important is to keep the price low enough so customers won’t complain or want money back. It works!

Can you remove a hair with a “One-Touch?” Yeah, probably … but without knowing how to use straight galvanic, and not knowing how LONG this process takes … it’s not all that likely.

" … as my husband recently confided that he has no idea what I am thinking sometimes. "

Nice … Sometimes I have no idea what I’M thinking sometimes!

Although its efficacy is certainly up for debate, I do believe that the One Touch unit does work. Of course, I can’t speak for myself yet, but I have talked to a lot of people (mostly transgendered people - one of which I am not, but they know their hair removal!) and the consensus is that with patience, a steady hand and good eyesight, this unit will provide a limited measure of permanent hair removal. I know some women (former men) who treated full beards. It seemed to almost be a full time job for them for a year or so - but the results are lasting. Those who were unsatisfied with the unit (the majority) overwhelmingly said that it was too hard to use, so they didn’t use it.

One could suppose that the unit would have had fewer sales, but better reviews, if it had been more honest.

I will say that the sensation and scabbing so far have been commensurate with my experience with professional electrolysis, and it is my belief that if you’re willing to put in 1000% more time for 1000% less money, you can get results. Of course, I will have to get back to you in a few years to let you know if I am right about this!

I’ve been using a One Touch home kit since last November. I bought it because I moved to a small town where I haven’t been able to find an electrologist and I can’t travel for four hours to my old place and pay as much for the trip as I do for the treatment, so I researched alternatives and decided to give the One Touch a try. I use it for the few stubbly hairs on my chin, one or two of which might appear every couple of months, as well as on my chest.

Honestly, I’ve been happy with it so far. I’ve spent many hours with it, but I’ve also saved a lot of money (hundreds of euros, at a guess). Yes, I might have finished my electrolysis treatment completely had I continued to go to a salon, because it didn’t take them five minutes and five tries to do one insertion at the beginning and they didn’t get angry and give up when it didn’t work at first, but at the same time doing it by myself means that I can do as many or as few hairs exactly when I want.

As for how well it works, only time will tell. The hairs are (for the most part) sliding out with the root sheath. It doesn’t work on every hair but I’ve come a long way since I started.

I’m moving again in a couple of months’ time and going back to a salon I visited in the past, which will be a relief, as it’s slow and monotonous, but at the same time it’s been interesting to learn (not very well, but more than I knew before) something that means a lot to me.