What exactly happens to LHR treated skin if you tan it?

I’ve had laser treatment about two weeks ago on the shoulders and back. What will happen if I tan the shoulders for just a short while (maybe an hour)? Practitioners i’ve spoken to just said it’s not a good thing to do, but what will really happen to the skin?

Will a small amount of tan do harm?


Do you plan on getting more laser treatments?

Generally if you get laser hair removal and expose the area to the sun or go to a tanning boothe, then your skin will burn and blister, but since it’s been two weeks after your last laser treatment, I’m not quite sure how badly your skin will react or if it’ll even react at all. But in another thread you posted you mentioned you had a bad reaction to the laser, so I wouldn’t risk getting a tan.
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If there was ever a time to be patient, it is now. Avoid the sun for 1 month. You may be ok, but why risk it.

I agree with the 1 month guideline. If you had been treated with a Nd:YAG, you would be OK after about two weeks if you used maybe a SPF8 sunscreen and stay in the sun for an hour or less.

If you go out to early after a diode laser or alex treatment, you will burn very easily, even after 15 minutes.

I am a devout sun worshipper, but I avoid the sun for a few weeks after my last laser treatment, and I don’t get treatments in the summer.