What does RDT stand for after names?

I was looking at a list of electrologists and I noticed that after a small minority of their names were the letters “RDT”. I tried searching this Hairtell forum for an answer, but got nothing. I tried searching a website titled “AllAcronyms”, but all I got that looked close was “Registered Drama Therapist” and “Registered Dental Technician”. What does RDT mean when you see it listed after a person’s name?

It may be a new zealand or UK term? try looking at the location of the people you are seeing this acronym used by. I could see “registered Diathermy Therapist” as a description of electrology, but no idea where that might be used.

I have since been told that it stands for “Registered Dermal Therapist”.


Yeah, lots of “letters” are used. I have some of these, but don’t generally use them. For me, there are only two letters that have any meaning: “M.D., and Ph.D.” Other than that, I’m never impressed … especially when such “letters” are ascribed after attending a “weekend seminar” …

Still, in the American zapper profession, the designation “CPE” does have a somewhat credible meaning (but … and here’s the key … no guarantee of superior work). At one time I was designated “by the State” as an “R.E,” then an “L.E.” and had a “C.P.E” for a few years. IMPRESSED? I’m not!

John Fantz used to tell his students, “Your Ph.D. is in the follicle!” Now THAT I understand!