What do you think of this price? (chest)

I just got a quote to get treatments on my chest with the Coolglide laser. I’ve been getting electrolysis on my face for over 2 years but my practioner also gives laser treatments. Anyway, I was more than a little shocked at the price. He does a “primary” session first, and then 2-3 weeks later, you’re supposed to come back for a “reshoot” to cover any missed areas. I just wanted to get your opinion on the price.

BTW, I have pale skin with dark hair. I’m not extremely hairy, I don’t think, but I would say the thickness is medium.

I don’t know, the price just seems so high, epecially with the cost of the reshoot. I think there are other places in my area that do Lightsheer, I may get quotes from them.

Any thoughts? Is this a fair price? Thanks a lot.

is this for a face treatment? what area? how big of an area? does reshoot mean any treatments past treatments 1?

No, this is for the male chest area(not the stomach, only chest). I had just mentioned that this practioner also does electrolysis on my face. And you have the reshoot 2-3 weeks after every primary treatment. So, in a way, each “treatment” consists of 2 visits: the primary and the reshoot. So, the whole first “treatment” cost comes to $630.

that’s pretty expensive if that’s the price you have to pay each time. that’s about the price that people pay for entire chese + stomach. back treatment ranges $200-500 or so per treatment.

Wow. Thanks for the response. I think I’m gonna get some more quotes. I’ll update when I do.

Yeah, I agree that is too much if it is for just the chest. If it included the abs it wouldn’t be so bad.


THOSE PRICES ARE INSANE, I use to get my chest and abs done for like 200 and if there were patchy spots “reshoots” were free, I don’t even know why he calls them “reshoots” those are areas they missed. They should have to fix the problem, that’s crazy, they are ripping you off. I use to get work done in Los Angeles. I’m not sure where your at, but there should be some cheaper places. I wouldn’t go to like a day spa only because they usually don’t own the laser they lease it from a doctors office for the most part. So the doctors office has to make money for having the laser and then the day spa has to make money, so you usually end up paying more. Well good luck in the search to find a cheaper place

Texasguy, it would be interesting for us to find out more about your experience as it seems it has been a while since you got your treatments. How have the results sustained? What areas did you get done? How many treatments? What laser used? What settings if known? What kind of reduction did you get and do you feel you achieved permenancy? How long has it been since your last treatment?

Hello LAgirl, I went to a place in Beverly Hills on Camden. My brother knows the person who runs the company. He is not a doctor, but he owns the lasers and has the office in Beverly Hills and has doctors also working there. He was offering a UCLA studnet special, since I was a student there. I got my upper facial cheeks, my upper back, neck (font and back), chest, shoulders, upper and lower arms. I haven’t gotten too much more done, because of the expense. I have gotten about 10 hours or more of work done. My brother has gotten probably over 50 hours of work done. He has had pretty much full body treatments. He really doens’t have any body hair. He does have a bit of neck hair, but it’s very fine and a little bit of chest hair, but that is also fine. His legs were treated about 3 times and the hair there is very fine and there isn’t much hair. His facial hair use to be very course, but now there is very little facial hair and most of it is very fine. He has had VERY dramatic changes with his hair. I have gotten treated less frequently and I have let time elapse between treatment times. I have noticed hair growth stronger than before on my shoulders and back, but my chest hairs are alot thinner. I was worked on with a Diode Lightsheer XC, which I think is a great machine. My brother has gotten treatment done at other places, but he says that the place we go to has been the best and the prices are pretty low. I have not found a place that can beat $99 for 30 minutes of laser. I am not 100% sure what setting were used on me, but I think my face was 18 Joules, and my body around 26 Joules. I know that some places try to lower the Joules so the treatment isn’t as effective, but he is pretty good about this. He’ll ask me how it feels and I’ll let him know if I don’t feel anything he’ll turn it up. If I’m in pain and if the zap really pops he may turn it down a bit.

what is your skin type? 18 and 26 joules on LightSheer are pretty low. it’s usually with lower settings that a lot of other men here experience more growth on shoulders/upper arms and back.

18 on face and around 26 on body is pretty high. It depends on how course the hair is. I use to have peach fuzz there and now after getting treated I have had to get more treatments and lower joules. I think those setting are pretty high, they burn the hairs and you can really feel it. I don’t use numbing cream most of the time, unless it’s a really sensitive area. I have done my body several times and I think those are pretty good settings. I am currently thinking about buying a laser, but I was thinking about buying it as a Co-share thing. I’m sure I could possibly get trained to use it, and dot med sales to people who are trained to use it. I think there are only two states that allow to purchase with out being a doctor and they are Tennesse and New York. I don’t know what you LAgirl or other people think, but I thought I would bring up the idea with the OUTRAGOUS prices people charge for laser. Thanks, have a nice day

From Medical Economics Magazine, Nov. 4, 2005:

The range of fees for laser hair removal:

upper lip: $65-$100
chin: $75-$120
underarms: $100-$150
bikini: $125-$200
chest: $300-$450
legs: $300-$500
back: $350-$500

For one who purchases a laser for hair removal at a cost of $60,000-$190,000, not even including warranty expenses and upkeep, it is easy to see why treatments cost what they do.


the problem that people here have noticed with lower joules like this AND treating peach fuzz is exactly what you experienced. on man’s back and shoulders and upper arms, that makes MORE hair grow in for a lot of men and sometimes darker and thicker. try running a search for that. it’s been discussed a lot. RC2001 on this forum has had those areas treated with good results, but he has only seen results at settings of 30-35 joules and higher, especially on those hard to treat areas. The problem with lower joules is that it seems to not KILL the hair, but just disturb it and come back, and then on finer hair and vellus hairs, sometimes stimulating it to grow in darker and thicker. Higher joules seem to prevent that if your skin can take it. But in general, laser shouldn’t be used on any areas with sparse, very fine, vellus (peach fuzz) hairs etc. It works best on dark coarse and pretty dense growth.

However, like you said, on a man’s face, this doesn’t apply. Since the hair is so thick and the area sensitive, you can’t use LightSheer on very high settings there. That applies for other parts of the body, especially hard to treat areas like a man’s back adn upper arms. RC2001 has found that using a Yag laser on the beard area is best to avoid much irritation and lessen the pain. Hope this helps.