what do you think of the Sciton Profile for LHR ?

is this a high quality laser for LHR ?


It is a Yag laser that has scanning technology, meaning it makes it more difficult to miss hair during treatments. other than that, it truly depends on the tech.

I have been treated with the Sciton and was very impressed with it. I had my beard treated with it. The cooling system works the best out of any I have tried and with the scanner there is no patchy regrowth.


so you think it is better then the Lightsheer diode XC for back hair RJ ?

Depends on your skin and hair type. Is skin light? What type? Is the hair coarse or finer?

so you think it is better then the Lightsheer diode XC for back hair RJ ?

No, not necessarily. If you have type III skin or lighter,or if the hair is fine, you will get better results with the Lightsheer.

I actually had more hair removed with the Apogee (old alexandrite) and Lightsheer diode lasers. But those treatments were in the dead of winter when my skin was at its lightest. And that was when I was just starting out, so my chest and back hair was very coarse. You could just smell the singed hair! And you could hear the hairs pop out of the follicles. As treatments progressed, the Lightsheer showed its superior performance on the finer hairs that remained.

Now if the hair is coarse, the Sciton should work just as well, judging from the results on my beard. I only had one
Sciton treatment on my back, and by then the hair was very fine and not much of it was left.

The hair left on my back now is very fine. I have to let it grow out for about 2 weeks before I can even see it. I had my practitioner look at my back and she said that the little bit of hair left is fine, and that it would be best to finish it with electrolysis.

If your skin is dark and the hair is coarse, the Sciton is still your best bet. If you are a type III with coarse hair, you can really go with either laser.