what do you think about this?


I’m 25,F, i consider my problem heritage, i don’t consider my face to hairy, i do with my bikini line, and average with legs and under.
arm. My chin hair is coarse, also the bikini line, my upper lip is almost virgin, only wax it twice, and the eyebrow is kind in the middle
a little bit more to the coarse side. I used to tweeze my chin hair.

I had a consult with a second electrologist.
And this is what i can say the best way i can say it.

        Good stuff

She gave me tons of information (process, after treatment care…)
CPE 5 years expirience
NYS licensed cosmetologist
patch test
My impression: knowledge and professional
She use thermolysis, gave me a little questionary about myself kind of medic history, she use gloves and disposable probes

         Bad stuff

More pain and more swelling than with the other electologist i went before (she said because i’m a week away from my period, and probably already retaining liquids)
also said i was getting to much redness and the intensity used wasn’t much
Higher price than frist electoligist
I went with 3 week of grown hair and didn’t give me a estimated hs treatment, her excuse depending on my body and if it is a hormonal problem, only after i insisted she said a guesstimeted first 2-3 week half hour each week and the whole treatment 6-8 months
I got a lot of white heads (didn’t happen before)
At the patch test she was very careful, but slow, also she said 1/2 hs for my chin (with the other person i had chin, corner of upper lip and eyebrows done in 1/2 hs) I repeat i don’t have much hair in my face

P.D the reason i left the other person is because she said i’ll take me around 300-500 hs for the chin only


she used aplius junior
ballet probes gold
works 4 days, 8 hs each but i only need to call 2-3 days for appointment in the peak hours
She was using prescription glasses and on top of those she wore a little magnified glasses
Gave me a table of hair growth with the duration of the anagen stage which i was intrested to find out how long it is and i like to check if
this table is right, it’s says that for the chin the stage is 1 year long, for eyebrows 4-8 weeks, and upper lip 16 weeks
With the first electrologist i hear of felt one one zap but with the second she does it 2 or 3 zaps per hair.

What do you think about hair growth table?
About everything in general the good and bad stuf in particular, the machine she uses, probes, the fact that didn’t tell me a estimate?
I read that andrea gave an estimate base on sutdies about how long the underarm will take and how many treatments, can somebody do the same
with usual areas (upperlip, chin, eyebrows, bikini,legs)



Paola: I was surprised when you said it would take 300 to 500 hours for just your chin. I am a male who has had all of his pubic,underarm and chest hair removed by electrolysis; and I would be surprised if all that took more than 300 hours. The amount of hair I had in those places was about average based on what I see on others in the gym. Since you stated you were also going to have your bikini hair removed, how many hours did your electrolyst estimate for that?


Hi Barrester

With the first electrologist i only started with my face (chin, corners of upper lip and eyebrows) and when she said 300hs i run out :slight_smile: so we never talk about.
And what i just stated was my experience with the second electrologist, i’m looking for the right one :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to help me.


with the summer rush, I really can’t give you the usual booklike response to your post.

300 hours is the amount of time I would expect one to have to use on a full male beard. Although it is true that as a woman if your body wanted to recruit new follicles to grow hair, the hair removal could go on and on, it should be possible to get to first clearance in a reasonable amount of time, and clear the entire area every appointment from there.

I have not seen you, but I would think that you should be able to be doing an hour a month in less than three months time.

You should not be seeing lots of white bumps post treatment. I can only guess at what that is from. A few of those might be normal for you, but lots of them everytime sounds like something needs adjusting. For all I know it could be your after care, but I can’t say without having seen you.

sorry I don’t have time to write more.
This is my busy season.


Thanks James.
I’m learning little by little so everything helps.
I know electrologist don’t like to talk about time without seen the person, but since you tell me a 300 hs is for a male beard, i know that’s impossible for me, because i know myself and i’m very realistic.


I hope you understand that when I said 300 hours for a male beard, I was talking about the entire face and neck on a man with over 250 hairs per square inch!


thanks for the explaination, hepls to learn, but i took your advice and i went to see fino, probably in 2 or 3 more session i’ll be done with my chin, i’m so happy it’s seem unbieleable.
I still keep on checking the posts learning more about electrolysis.
Thank you very much for your advice.


I am just happy that someone else is a satisfied customer and has found their clearance.

Too bad that you are only going to Fino, because it is nothing new to hear that he does great work :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully everyone else in the rest of the world will be more vocal about the good ones they find so we all can know the answer to the burning question "Who is a good electrologist in AnyCity USA, and for that matter Anytown of the World.

Don’t we aim high?