What do I do next?


I’ve got an increasing hair problem on my neck area. Im very fair skinned (type 1, irish type skin) with freckles and medium tone and blonde hair. Im not so concerned about the blonde hair, its the medium, and a few dark that bother me.

I’ve had 2 treatments on my neck with lightsheer - and the hair came back far more thickly than before. I’ve been using nair and wax for the last year, as I just wasn’t sure what to do. Im scared to go to an electrologist because of the pain - and having to actually grown the hair. Its in a place that im so paranoid about.

A beauty therapist mentioned ‘VPL’ to me, a new type of IPL. Does anyone know if this works? If I reacted this way to laser - should I have stopped? Will the same thing happen with IPL/VPL?

I feel like im stuck in hell with this problem. Can anyone offer advice, direction or their own experience?

Kind Regards


I would attempt one more treatment with lightsheer. I noticed more regrowth and what appeared not much had actually happened after the second treatment, however, after my third treatment I have noticed a significant reduction. It really is quiet amazing the difference between the treatment 2 and 3. Although, on the face region, I would also opt for electro…there seem to be way too many horror stories of increased growth. Thats the last thing you want, as for body hair I think laser is a good place to start.

PLEASE DO NOT get any more laser treatments. Your case is a popular one where laser should not have been used in the first place. When you have just a few dark scattered hairs and most of the hair is blond, you should get electrolysis. You can use a numbing cream if necessary, but honestly I don’t feel the pain is any worse than with laser. And it really doesn’t take that long to get rid of selected hairs.

Stop laser treatments and start with electrolysis. Laser works on dark coarse hair and light skin the best. And you don’t want to use it anywhere near blond hair that you don’t mind because it can actually stimulate that hair to get darker and worse. that’s why electrolysis is the best option for that area. for temporary results, you can also bleach the area to match the blond hair around it.

If I were you I would stop laser, quite a few females at the sona centers went to get their sideburns lasered and now have a full beard like a mans, Its not a pretty seen when they come in for more treatments,some are going in for treatment 12 & 13 and pissed, good luck and dont ever go to a sona.