What do guys think?

Well, I have hair below my tummy, a tad on my chest and bikini line. My question is…what do guys think once they see they are growing out? You know, we need it to grow a little to wax it back. Do they find it disgusting?

What about pubic hair? I know there are preferences, and I am not one of them that has very light pubic hair like some lucky women do. I think mine is normal, but I don’t know what a guy will think. I am not for shaving hair for baring like a little girl.


I don’t think pubic hair is disgusting at all. This is normal for all adults. If you think you have too much, or are embarressed by it, then just trim it back lightly. I think the small amount of hair on your chest can be quickly dealt with by a permanent removal method. My personal preference would not be chest hair on a woman, but it sounds like a small amount so why not just get it fixed with electrolysis?

The same applies in reverse to guys who shave their legs like I do. First you think doing something about it is weird, but soon you realise that getting cosmetic treatment on your body is absolutly normal. I think you will feel much more comfortable after removing the unwanted hairs.

Good Luck

Yes, it is a very, very small amount, but you can see it if you get close. I remember one woman in the Extreme Dating show someone said you have hair on your chest. That was cruel, but I am not the one to show it off as it really isn’t normal. I would love to get electrolysis sometimes. Doing it myself with OneTouch wasn’t pleasant, and it didn’t do anything. It also is painful on my neck since I have to look down a long time. It’s just that my finances aren’t okay right now. It really isn’t alot of money, but I honestly can’t spend on that right now. I wax for right now. I relly want to get rid of them. I hate them. I also want to get rid of the tummy hair with laser as they are dark enough and my skin is fair enough for laser. I’ll ask for the cost of laser in the laser board. I am sure it’s a lot more than electrolysis. I think since the hairs are all hunched together unlike my chest, and will be faster–why not laser? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Think carefully and get rid of the hair with electrolysis.
The average cost for chest hair is $150 and it is about the same for abdomen hair - $300 for permanent hair removal makes more sense then spending thousands of dollars on non-permanent laser.

Read carefully the site ElectrolysisInformation.com

Well, I have hair below my tummy, a tad on my chest and bikini line. My question is…what do guys think once they see they are growing out? …Do they find it disgusting?
Doesn’t bother me one way or the other.

What about pubic hair?..I am not for shaving hair for baring like a little girl.
Obviously I’m in this forum because I have reason to be attentive to hair removal issues but neither extreme has been a problem for me. Some people like it one way and not the other. Guess I’m saying don’t generalize. Probably 90% of guys don’t care.

You know what’s really funny? I must always be clean shaven, and I really am bothered by hair all over me, and on my back and neck or wherever. But, my girlfriend is a somewhat fuzzy natural blonde, she feels she can’t get laser, is too busy for electrolysis, and frequently runs out of the house to work without shaving her legs. Does it bother me? Not in the slightest. It completely doesn’t even register in my conciousness. It’s such small thing to even think about that I feel funny even posting this about it.


I have always said that most of what females do to present themselves publicly is done to impress other females, because males really don’t notice, or don’t care about all that.

Most guys only want you to appear fit, healthy, and like you care enough to take care of yourself. The rest is beyond their level of comprehension sometimes. Would your guy friends ever notice if your purse didn’t match your shoes?

You are worried about a stray hair here and there, and yet, I ask you, if you called 5 of your male friends on the phone and asked them what color your eyes are, how many would get it right (and of those, how many just won the lottery with a lucky guess)?

Men are visual creatures, but not all that observant. Recently, I was commenting about a picture of one gal’s sister that she has on her refridgerator. I was telling her that some guys and I were talking about it for a little while during a party (mostly about how hot her sister looks in the picture). When she tries to nail down what picture I am talking about, it becomes obvious that I don’t even recall what color outfit the woman was wearing in a picture I and 5 other guys spent at least 5 minutes ogling! Subsequent conversations with the other guys found the same situation existed with them. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> The funniest thing is that somehow we all seemed to remember that she was wearing red, when in fact she was wearing YELLOW. It was her near waist length hair that was auburn with bright red highlights.

Sure some guys make rude comments about a woman’s unwanted hair, but that guy is just trying to deflect attention away from his own problems, or make his friends laugh.

I know that it is a fear of women that a guy will be all in to her and then notice some unwanted hair, and reject her for that alone, but really now, any guy who would do that is not a keeper anyway and most guys won’t notice until they are finally paying enough attention to detail that you are way past the point where it matters.

I will concurr that guys really notice very little, and probably couldn’t care less if you have some body hair. In fact, all women have some fuzz on their chest and abdomen, I think, but usually it is so fine and light you cannot really see it. I think it is natural, and not unattractive. If you had thick chest hair like a man, then I thinkn you’d want to shave it, I’d notice that for sure. I don’t think its particularly attractive on men, and not on women either. I’ve seen substantial chest hair on female bodybuilders, but most ofthem shave theirentire body, and look perfectly fine. Men knonw women shave their legs and pits, and don’t care that you have hair there, why would they care if you have some “happy trail” hair as well. Just shave it or wax it or use electrolysis if you don’t like it. Some men prefer women with lots of pubic hair, by the way. Others prefer women smooth down below, and you can certainly arrange that if you wish. Also, lots of women have a bit of upper lip hair, and men probably give little thought to it, as long as the woman removes it somehow. I do notice when my wife neglects to shave her legs, because I hate the feel of stubble, though if i didn’t touch her, I wouldn’t notice. But, her leg hair is fairly light in colour. I shave my legs daily, and in a reverse of the norm, think she should return the courtesy. The one thing I do notice is arm hair. If a woman has real dark arm hair, I do think she should shave it, or wax, electrolysis, something to get rid of it. If the hair is soft and light in colour, I think it looks kind of sexy. I know this sounds kind of goofy, but I think if a woman doesn’t have too much pit hair, it looks kind of sexy if they haven’t shaved in a few days, and get a little stubble there. I was in Hawaii once and the waitress on the beach was very pretty, with a great body, and I noticed over a few days didn’t shave under her arms, and I thought her stubble, which was dark in colour, was fairly sexy. Of course, if it is fully grown out, that is definitely NOT sexy. That probably is how some women feel if a guy , the right guy let me add, doesn’t shave has face for a few days, and has that stubbly look.

Most guys don’t have heavy opinions either way. Oh, I am sure that you will find some who would run screaming over a little body hair… but they are probably nitwits.

Me personally, I prefer smooth pits and legs. But I would rather see pubic hair. Just how I am wired.

My g/f loves my shaved head, but also loves my beard. Go figure. Frankly, if she likes it, it’s staying that way.