what do electrolysis scabs look like?

I had my second treatment yesterday on chin and upper lip. Afterwards I noticed three little black dots in that area. They look like a hair that is trapped just under the surface of the skin, like it’s going to turn into an ingrown hair. This made me wonder if maybe she zapped the hair and it broke off inside? Or are these things what people mean when they talk about scabs?


What you have there is what is called a “Tomb Stone”, which is a result of what we call “Collateral Damage”.

When we treat a follicle, often there is a telogen/shedding hair visible, while unknown to any of us, an anagen/growing hair is down below the surface of the skin, lower in the same follicle. When we treat that follicle, the smaller hair is treated, but unless it comes out with the shedding hair, we don’t know about it till it starts to be pushed up to the surface later by the bodies immune responce, and/or natural shedding process.

The other way Collateral Damage can cause a Tomb Stone, is you treat one follicle, and spillover treatment energy manages to treat a lone hair in an adjacent follicle that is in early Anagen/Growth state, and stops it in its tracks. This hair will now stop growing, and “float” to the surface with either shedding or/and immune responce.

This is natural, normal, and not a sign of overtreatment. We just call it Collateral Damage because it is the same thing as the military term, where one hits a target perfectly, but their is spillover to outside structures, and areas that cause a quantifiable hit on other targets, that may or may not have a positive value to your goals.

It that clear at all? :confused:

Perfectly clear. (Just like my face soon will be. :grin: )

I like this tombstone thing—I get the same damage done to the neighbor hair follicle without the trouble of getting zapped there!