What diopter for magnifying lamp is best?

Just curious as I’m looking at getting a magnifying lamp on eBay most likely to do a little bit of self electrolysis with my one touch. Is there a minimum that people would recommend to use? Would mostly just want to use it on the few hairs on the top of my feet etc. Some show 5x magnification 16 diopter but just curious what the pros use?

Quite franky spoken -i find it very hard to work with 3 dioptres, tried 3, 5 and 8 and started with the latter. But if possible You should spend the money for a set of stereo loupes with the magnification You prefer (and two external medical lamps). The optical quality is better, both eyes can be used, visual correction is possible (and urgently important for long sessions). Moreover, those loups have a fixed position toward the eyes. They offer a larger and healthier working distance, and all magnifications are available, starting from 2X (about 3 dioptres) over 3X (8 dioptres) up to 6X - which i am using - better enjoying.

The most popular is the 3, because the 5 has a drastically reduced working distance.

Yes, this is true. And 8 has an even more reduced working distance. In order to have good magnification at large working distances, one single lens is not sufficient; You need at least 3 lenses (2 will turn the image upside down in this application…)