What device to buy???

Hi all,

This a great site!!!

I have a dark hair and white skin.
I want to buy and use a device at home.
What would you recommend?

Honestly? NONE of the laser products have been proven to work in the long term to the best of my knowledge. If you are seriously considering investing $600 in a home laser dont. Spend that money on good electrologist instead and you’ll make far more progress. If you are still considering DIY hair removal, then again I would say go the electrolysis route and get a descent retired professional machine.

Now others might say “you cant do it on your own” and that DIY isnt really possible. Actually, they are right to a degree.There are still some areas I cant treat myself and need help.Then there is the other 80% of the areas, and I am living proof that it IS possible to succeed with DIY . I also did it with the help of some o the professionals here and I could not have accomplished what I have without their advice and encouragement.


What area are you looking to have done Nnassenn I agree with Seana if you are looking at facial hair or nipple hair but for body hair perhaps laser is good for you. I have a friend who has PCOS she bought a home laser to do her body hair and well she still needs to use it once a fortnight better than shaving daily as previously it cost her £350 and I can go the same time between myself on legs with a £40 epilator.
I’m sure the money personally would have been better spent having 6 professional laser session than a home kit they are just not the same strength. I do not work in the industry at all but just my opinion if your going to spend hundreds on a home kid I’d prefer to pay a professional to do it with greater chance of success hopefully.