What constitutes a clearance with electro

Just a basic question, what constitutes a clearance with electrolysis?

I understand the “all hairs cleared in one session” ,. I just wonder when people talk about 2 or 3 clearances what it means to people like me where I’ve been getting “near clearances” (as in killing all new growth every week and working on the vellous / wispy hair in between) .

I’m guessing this would mean a “rolling clearance”, with the no longer needing an hour a week coming at some point.

Any guidance?

(I suppose for reference, I’ve had around 30 hours of electro over the last year after starting with laser that left me patchy – patchyness has been largely resolved (no hair visible).

Since the hairs have a growth cycle, and the hairs that are visible at any one time are in sync in relation to each other, a clearance would be all hairs in one cycle, that are visible at one particular time together. Since any given set of hairs are usually growing over the course of a 4 to 8 week period, if one got the visible hairs cleared out at least once every 4 to 6 weeks, one could be relatively sure that at least one clearance had been done, if not more, as one may have cleared all hairs in one cycle, and gotten started on some that grow in another.

Don’t have time to really beat this idea to death, with a long treatise, so that is the Hail-Mary-Pass version of my explanation.