What causes pinprick holes


I started work on my upper lip again and have a few pinprick holes, I know that in time they will heal but I would like to understand what causes this to happen?

Is it the probe is too big for the follicle?

I felt a lot if pain in some areas on insertion and I think it must have been these areas

My upper lip is not major hairy and the hairs are very thin and very shallow, what my electrolygist tells me


I might be going mad but I think when I had a pin prick after my first upper lip my electrolysis increased the size of the prob rather than decrease and not had one since.

She had been doing my chin but I moved onto upper lip due to not needing all the time for my chin any longer, she was using the same prob as the chin as I guess the size had worked fine there but the upper lip is more sensitive.

I never had any issues of pain using electrolysis however now that I do the upper lip my eye’s do water closer to the nose lol.

I’ve never had a big hair issue here either its mainly corners of lip a few random hairs come in not a mustache.

It make take several months for the pin pricks to clear like with me but they will eventually go.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple pin prick holes on my upper lip that have never healed.

Don’t over think normal temporary side effects. I would need to see a quality picture of the area you are describing, flowers, in order to comment more.

Electrolysis is a very low risk cosmetic and medical procedure. Most side effects are temporary and heal within a short time.

Same with you, wander. It would be nice to see some quality photos of your pin prick holes that have never healed.

A professional Electrologist watches your skin reaction closely and knows how much is enough. Afterwards, we don’t know what the client is doing to the healing skin when they go home. Some clients are impeccable when it comes to following aftercare instructions and some ignore advice. I’m sure you did everything right, wander. Without knowing details on both sides, it’s hard to guess why you have pin prick marks that never healed? This shouldn’t be.

For smaller hairs on the upper lip, I like those fantastic Kelly probes made by Laurier. A size 3 IBP or even a 4 IBP are the best for those delicate hairs.

I just did a case tonight on the fine hairs if the lower lip and will post pictures later. I had a startle as I was working on her. The solid metal indifferent electrode she was holding fell to the floor and we both jumped. She said she fell asleep as I was working on her lip and her hand went limp. There is a numbing effect that occurs after a short while and the area doesn’t sting too bad. Mother Nature is wonderful, in combination with the right probe choice, of course!


Thank you for your responses

I am not stressing over this, was just curious

I only had 8 hairs treated I’m taking it super slow

I will discuss with my electrolygist, I see her in 2 weeks

My aftercare is a dab of tea tree followed by cold aloe Vera and aloe Vera alone several times a day

Suncream after 24 hour period

I am having my sides and underarms done which is going well

At the moment it has scabbed over do if it’s still a hole when the scab comes away I will post a piccie

My electrolygist uses ballet needles, I’ll discuss Laurier with her as we have a supplier in the uk

Thank you

She is not using an inferior probe. It is proper and good that you discuss this with her. Pictures are great, whether you post here or just keep them in your library. People tend to forget where they started and how far they have come in this process. It is really uplifting, as you near the finish line and realize that you haven’t done any of your temporary rituals to remove the hair. The sense of a burden being lifted and the freedom you get from not having to chase hair is overwhelming!

Thanks Dee I really hope I continue this time till the end, it’s been a long time and I have put it off out if fear long enough

I will speak to my electrolygist soon

Thanks again x

She can get Laurier samples flowers, only need ask.

I found a picture of an upper lip hair removal. It took an hour to remove all the tiny black hairs on the upper lip. If you look at the post electrolysis picture, you will see “holes”, which are just empty follicles - not pin prick marks. Some people have larger follicles than others, naturally so.

Photo prior to total removal of fine upper lip hair:

Upper middle lip fine dark hairs removed with a Laurier IBP probe #3 Kelly Short:

This picture illustrates pin prick holes, too. I laid the newly epilated hairs next to the area I was working on so the hair structure could be seen.

All natural and to be expected. The holes, without the thick hair now. will close (heal) nicely. In fact, since this picture was taken in 2012, they already have. The job is finished!

Thank you for sharing Dee, these are excellent photos. By the way did your client manage an hour of electrolysis under the nose without Emla or LA ?

Yes, Mairi, she did NOT need any anesthetic. It is really neat how after five or ten minutes, those lovely endorphins bathe the area and the area being worked on, practically goes numb. I also use a pinching technique for the middle upper lip that helps a lot.

This is not the case for some people though. Some people DO need a topical anesthetic to take the edge off.

When I am close to her chart later today, I will come back to this thread and give you some statistics. This is one of my favorite places to work. The under lip, too!


Insertions made: 724
Time: 62 minutes

Great work Dee, client must have been able to get in a very relaxed state 724 insertions mainly under the nose well done, says a lot about your skill and calmness when you operate. Looks like you were both in the ‘zone’.

Thanks Dee

I can’t see the holes now,it’s stabbed over and the scabs gave fallen

I will definitely be keeping a diary x