what can you do at home that is permanent

I came across this forum looking for home hair removal that is permanent. I am bothered by increasing chin hair and am sooo tired of plucking. Mine grows back after a few days it seems, and since some grows back at different times it becomes a daily chore. Is there anything that I can buy that I can do at home that will get rid of hair permanently? I can tolerate having to do it more than once but can not see myself doing this for the rest of my life…I am only 45.


Your best bet is to find an experienced professional and get the work done on the right schedule to get to looking finished as quickly as possible and then step down to the schedule that will keep the hair treated while still not visible to the naked eye. Unless you have an ongoing condition that is making your body recruit new hairs, you would be done in a few hours spread out over 9 to 18 months.

Home work is best done by two people who read professional electrology text books, purchase professional quality equipment and work on each other. Doing it to yourself is cumbersom, and assures poor quality work. In any case, the speed that a good pro works is much faster and safer work than anything you and or your friend could do at home.

I recently had a client who did some work the DIY way that looks like someone used a hot poker to make constellation maps on the skin.

Since the results are permanent, your best value is a really good pro. Unfortunately, finding a good pro is not as easy as falling off a log.

I am an “expert” do-it-yourselfer and I completely agree with James.

If you have enough hairs that you are considering permanent removal, go see a pro.

If you have two or three hairs, maybe you’d be okay just getting a One Touch. Then again, you could just go in for a few short sessions with a pro, and be done with it.


  • you have a large hair removal project AND
  • you are two people (do-it-to-each-other) AND
  • you are willing to invest time (hundreds of hours) and money (more than $1,500) in learning the technique,
    it CAN pay off to do it yourself.

Otherwise, go see a pro.

  • Eric