what can i do....

hello, i have under gone my first laser hair removal treatment. i now have scars and burn marks all over my neck, upper lip, and chin. can i take legal action against the company that scared me for life? this is really upsetting. i signed papers saying i know this kind of stuff could happen but come on. this is rediculus. i was wondering if anyone out there has had a experience like this and could share with me? thanks.

How long ago did this happen?

this happened on friday the 16th in september. so almost a month ago.

dang, do you mean a month ago or a year ago?

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Get photos

  2. Consult a dermatologist

  3. Get copies of any contracts and receipts together.

  4. Get copies of any promotional literature together.

  5. Send the laser practitioner a registered letter in writing with your requests to pay for costs to correct damage.

  6. Contact a lawyer. There are a couple who have specialized in laser injuries listed in the Legal Referrals forum. Sue Karten is a good on in New York.

sorry i meant august not september. it happened one month ago. could you reccomend a good lawyer in the oregon area?

I’d check with Sue Karten in New York, who can probably give you a good referral. If she does the referral, she may also be able to share resources from her own landmark laser injury case with your lawyer.

If you’d rather not do that, I don’t recommend practitioners, but here’s a link that can get you started in your research.

Fin dlaw: Portland personal injury lawyers

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what is promotional literature? also, can they be liable even though i signed some papers saying i know that it “could” happen? the burns on my neck are really bad.

Promotional literature is any ad, brochure or materials that promote their hair removal practice. If they make claims that aren’t true, you can use these as evidence.

The waiver you signed doesn’t absolve them in a case of negligence or malpractice. If you plan to gather evidence, your first order of business should be photos of your burns.

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I had the same thing happen to me after several laser treatments. I live in NJ now but at the time I was living in NYC and had the procedure done there. It has been two years and I still have white spots on my neck, chin, upper lip. I have to use makeup all the time. I feel horrible to go out in public. I am dark skinned so the spots show up real bad.
I have recently received all the paperwork from the doctor’s office along with the ads?

The registered letter what exactly should it contain?
Thanks for your help. Hang in there and let me know how things turn out in Oreon.

Camiylle, the registered letter should contain a desription of your problem and how it occurred, and should explain the steps you want them to take to resolve your dispute and make things right. If you still have visible marks, I would recommend preparing a letter with a lawyer’s help. However, if you feel you can resolve this on your own, you can do it yourself. A letter coming from a lawyer is more likely to carry some weight.