what can i change to prevent ingrown pelvic hair


i bought a 5 blade razor and used it, shortly after i
received razor bumps & ingrown hairs on my thighs and
pelvic area(vagina). i had one ingrown hair on my pelvic
area that looked as a blemish like it was irritated and
such. i didn’t know what to do because i wasn’t really sure what it was(i was scared). like i picked at it alot with a needle and tweezers. like for a month it was just that bump and like i think it may have ben infected because of the looks of it. i realized like it wasn’t getting any better so i really had to try to treat it. i waited until the hair inside came out. it took like literately weeks for it to surface -.- . once i got the hair out of there i used neosporin and hydrogen peroxide like once a day. i was always applying moisturizers to help it heal and such. i stopped using the 5 blade razor and switched to a 3 blade. for the past 3-4 months, my pelvic area has ben healing from these ingrown hairs and its soon to the point that its completely healed.

for the past month or so i havnt shaved at all. i only have tweezed and when i tweeze i tweeze like everything except “the lips” you know… and i did this one time. and now it was grown back like my pubic hair has grown more stright but its also thicker but i mean overall the hair growth it seems alot more normal and more workable.

i still can see like hair underneath my skin tho. im very pale. is this an ingrown hair still? do i need to like give time for the hair to surface or shud i not be able to see my hair underneath the skin?

i just dont want a repeat of my use with the 5 blade razor. it was horrible, looked horrible and nothing good about this horrific experience


I used to get the occasional ingrowing pubic hair but no more. I’ve had laser hair removal. The last one I had was about a year ago now and that occurred in between laser treatments. Obviously it was one that was missed by the laser. If you are a person who suffer from ingrowing hairs you have several choices. Don’t shave at all and let it grow au natural, trim the hair so it is very short or go for laser hair removal. This is assuming your are a good candidate and laser hair removal can be quite expensive.