What are those stand magnifiers called?

Hey everyone,

Is there an actual name for those big magnifier things that electrologists use? The ones on an arm that’s just a huge magnifying glass? I’m just looking to buy one on eBay, since I buy everything there just to help out with doing One Touch on my feet and what not. I found a bunch under “stand magnifier” but not sure how well they would work, looking for one of those larger ones that will really make the view much bigger but not sure if they have a special name?

Usually they are referred to as “magnifying lamps”. If you search on that term you should find what you are looking for. They are occasionally called “circle lamps” here at hairtell and other places. You can also search with terms like “dazor” and “luxo” (brands of magnifying lamps.)

I would get a 5 or 8 diopter lamp if you can.

3, 5 and 9 diopter are the lenses that are easiest to find.

Great thanks I’ll check those out, I’m sure it will help a lot. Been using the One Touch but I think it would make insertions easier. Will be cool to see the results, finding the One Touch works really well for what I need it for. In some areas even on low settings its brutally painful but I think it’s just because it’s hard to judge the angle of insertion. Using it really just for a bit of hair on my toes which doesn’t bother me enough to do laser, so for $30 if it gets rid of all that then money well spent :slight_smile: