What are the "real" numbers of "hairless" men?

This might best be asked of the professionals in the hair removal fields, but I was curious to know if there are any real numbers of men who remove their hair.

If you took a random selection of 1,000 men in the US, how many would have bare legs? Or bare anything? I am sure it varies in different parts of the world, but being in the US I am really curious about the total percentages here!


According to surveys by the Wall Street Journal and CARGO magazine, about 350 of those 1000 men remove their chest and or back hair.



Chest hair removal is less common where I live, but I agree with RJC on the US figuer. Leg shaving is much more commen in SA with about 30 % of guys shaving for sport or other reasons. It’s interesting that a shaved chest here attracts more attention than shaved legs. Also it must be said that a lot of major sport heros like the main Rugby players shave their legs as well.


I wonder what the US numbers on men with shaved legs are. I should think a very small percentage, limited to bodybuilders, cyclists, and such; plus a small percentage of men who just don’t like hair.

Almost all serious looking cyclists I see shave their legs, so the percentage of men in the US who cycle would be a good start.


Hi Veinlover

It’s an interesting question for the US. In warmer states like Florida most guys wear shorts so you can see if they shave or not. I noticed most bodybuilders and cyclists did shave their legs, but most other men did not. This was surprising in such a hot climate. In the Northern States it is usually a lot colder and wearing shorts is less common so one can’t really tell if guys shave or not. I think a lot of men shave their legs, but hide it under long pants because they are embarresed about the fact in public.


I was watching an American football game yesterday. I noticed on a goal line play, one of the linebackers clearly had shaved legs, they had to be shaved or waxed, the camera was close up. I noticed a few others too. I think elite athletes respect their bodies enough to know about looking their best and comfort. I think they’re learning from cycling and rugby that it’s beneficial to be smooth.

Hi Mantaray

I think you are right and these atheletes do shave. Also looking at high school football it is more and more common. The guys are starting to catch on to what should be normal in my opionion.