what are the chances it wont work

what are the chances that professional electrolysis wont work. i have been going for a professional for 4 months and while i notice less hair, it simply might be because i dont wait long enough between visits!! i do notice that in the same square inch chin area, my electrologist has worked about 3 times over 4 mths and still i see hair coming back!!

my electrologist has suggested that i get hormonal etc… tests to find out if something in my body will always produce facial hair irrespective of electrolysis.

she uses galvanic method and i have been seeing her couple of hours every week for 4 months for chin area only.

does anybody know of cases where electrolysis just wont work! how long is too long?

There is no case where electrolysis simply won’t work. When properly done on the correct schedule, the treated hair is gone and will never come back. If however, you have something going on that is recruiting new follicles to start growing hairs, where no hair was growing before, the question is how long will it take for every follicle in the treated area to be recruited and treated if the situation bringing this constant new hair growth about is not corrected?

To put it in more simple terms, if you have 20 hairs per square inche, your electrologist can clear all those out easily, and should be able to make you bare. However, if your body is recruiting 5 NEW formerly non-hair growing follicles per square inche to convert to hair production every three months, you will need treatments for a long time to come before you have treated every follicle in that area. It is much easier to stop the growth function while clearing out the hair that is already there, than to remove the hair, and wait for the new ones to come in and remove them and then wait for the next batch.

If you can get to the point where you are clearing the entire area each and every time you go for treatment, you should be done in 9 to 18 months.

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