What are the causes of scarring?

I’ve searched around a little bit.
But mostly I’ve just read electrologist imcompatance, what specific things may raise doubt to whether the practitioner is working properly?
thanks fellas, and gals.

hi there,

your post title says one thing and your actual post says something else. so i am gonna answer your post title. “what are the causes of scarring?”

  1. electrolysis incompetance is one. Too high a setting, too deep an insertion or not deep enough. etc etc etc. (the obvious)

  2. poor before and after electrolysis care regime. for example. picking at scabs, irritating and touching freshly treated “hot” areas, continued plucking, going out in the sun after electrolysis treatment (which can cause hyper or hypo-pigmentation and hence scaring)

  3. person themself might have poor healing ability or longer healing time. that could be genetics or poor lifestyle choices (i.e. unhealthy diets and lack of exercise)

  4. not enough hydration. as with all bodily functions, lack of hydration, equals lack of body’s ability to fight off disease and repair itself. so drink lots of water and stay away from things that dehydrate you.

thats what comes to my mind right now. if i remember more i will post it. hope it helps. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


you shouldn’t feel most insertions. You shouldn’t feel like the hair is being plucked. scabbing should go away within 5-7 days. there shouldn’t be any blood during treatments. there shouldn’t be any scarring after treatments.

Dear Tehbeast,

I have also heard about electrologist incompetence but I have heard it mainly from no-needle/laser hair removal promoters and also from electrologists who use it as a tool to self-promote as they attempt to make themselves look better than their colleagues.

[color:“red”] At this point, electrolysis is the only method that can provide permanent hair removal for all types of hair and for all types of skin regardless of race, regardless of ethnicity and regardless of economics…

Its cheap by comparison… even for those who have little money… a 15 minute treatment a couple of times a month will have an impact.

yes, it works both way. scarring etc is rare with both laser and electrolysis. it cna happen ONLY when someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, whether they’re doing laser or electrolysis, or anything else.

My electrologist told me that if the probe/needle is placed on your skin before entering the hair follicle and the electricity (or whatever) is emitted, that can cause scarring. Or, if you’re zapped before it completely enters the follicle.