what are some before and after skin care for laser

im new to this board.im having laser treatment next week.do u guys know any skin care cream or gel to apply on face. should i apply aloa vera gel before and after laser.
by the way are there any london people here who have had laser done in boston clinica.

Hi Mila…

I wouldn’t put anything on your skin beforehand unless recommended by the place you are having it done. A topical anesthetic is sometimes recommended (I used EMLA) but I would check with the place you are going to see what they suggest, or if they would prefer that you don’t put anything on.

Afterwards - it’s kinda like you have a mild sunburn. Aloe is great, or any hydrating lotion that doesn’t contain fragrance.

My tech in London always advises to put nothing on afterwards. Because the hair has absorbed heat it needs to disperse it and therefore you should let the skin breath and put nothing on. Some lotions and potions can ‘trap’ the heat in. If, however, you have been burnt, that is a different matter. My skin is back to normal within 1 hour.

Hello: In my experience, a thermal (mineral) spa water spray such as the brands “Avene” or “Vichy” sell in an aerosol can, are the absolute best for post laser treatments. I spray it on my face, and if I need to, I sit in front of a fan. It feels amazing! The spray is also good for a variety of other skin problems such as razor burn, sunburn, diaper rash etc. mainly becuase of the minerals that are in it.