What are reasonable expectations for the costs?

I’m starting to learn about laser hair removal and I was wondering if anyone knew what general costs were for full treatments, specifically on the entire leg, the bikini line, and under arms. I recently went to a consultation where I was quoted about $1,600+ for the entire leg and about $700 for the bikini area. Is this a reasonable expectation for how much these treatments generally cost?

Hello Cameron. I am an electrologist and I see clients who have had laser performed on different areas of the body. I can give you a cost example that is fresh in my mind. I saw a new client today who had laser on her arms. She had 4 treatments at $800 per treatment, which obviously totals $3,200.00. A very reputable dermatologist did the proceedure himself. If I may divert a moment, I have to tell you, her arms were absolutely gorgeous. Her last treatment was one year ago. She was very pleased. She had her chin, upper lip and sides of face done also, but with less stellar results. Cost: four treatments at $400.00 per treatment just for the upper lip and chin and I don’t remember what the cost was for the sides of her face. Not all the hair returned on her face, but she needs some moderate cleanup for these areas with electrolysis. She said that prices are all over the board as she compared. Her sister lives in California is basically having the same areas treated for far less.

I know this doesn’t compare prices with legs, bikini area or underarms, but it can give you some idea as to the amount of surface area and cost of treatment for those areas.


Thank you Dee, for that unbiased report of Lasers permanent results as observed by you. To hear some Electrologists speak, every client they see has gotten burned by Laser (literally and figuratively), and has had more hair grow back then before. The face is a tenacious area no matter what method is used, and I’m sure you will finish the job that Laser started.

i can’t tell you much from personal experience as i’ve only had a couple treatments so far, but here’s what happened to my friend:

she paid a little over £2000 to get 6 lightsheer treatments on her legs, bikini and underarms. the price included free touch-ups for a year and half-price touch-ups after that. it’s been a year since the last treatment. her legs are almost perfectly clear (no touch-ups required). there are a few very light hairs around the knees that were just too blonde and too fine for laser. you wouldn’t notice them unless you looked really closely. she doesn’t even bother to shave them off. as for the underarms and bikini, the treatment was less successful. she’s had about 20% regrowth, though much softer than the original hair. the touch-ups took care of that.

to be honest, i don’t think my treatments will be as successful as hers because i have much more hair than she did to begin with. but i’m willing to give it a chance. the place i’m going to offers half-price touch-ups for 3 years. let’s just hope that it stays in business that long.

Hello Cameron,

I’m from Canada and the clinic that I use charges me 399 Cdn for entire legs (including bikini and feet) and 79 for underarms. The price is per treatment. The price goes down when you are the “maintenance” stage.

Good luck

From Canada West Coast;
An idea of prices:

  1. Full Legs (2) - 800-1200 CDN (2.5 hrs)

  2. Bikini area - (Groin) 150-300 CDN (15-30 min)
    +Inner Thighs 200-450 CDN ( 1 hour)
    +Linea 300-500 CDN ( 1 Hour)
    +Buttocks 400-600 Cdn ( 1 Hour)

  3. Axillae (underarms) 100-150 CDN (30 Min. total for both).

Consultation is complimentary. New client - test area 75.00 CDN which is applied to first treatment. Fees decrease with treatments. Most areas require at least 3-6 treatments. This price structure is only a guide until actual physical assessment is done. Food for thought, pays to shop and compare.

Prices at my clinic in Canada:
</font>[ul][li]<font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”> Full face & neck: CAD 280.</font></li>[]<font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”> Neck only: CAD 100.</font></li>[]<font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”> Upper lip only: CAD 25.[/li]</font></li>[/ul]<font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>

You will find the charges are diffrent everywhere.Depends where you live.
If Rent and Insurance are higher you treatments will cost more.Here in Il. Insurance has gone up so we have to charge more to stay ahead.I would recomend go to a few places, most do free consultions and make sure you are happy with the person who will give the treatment.They should be well trained and be able to answer all your questions.Also check what Laser is used and is this a recommened Laser.