What and where to buy machine 4 electrolysis at home in 2021

Hallo, I’m new here.
I see the last inquiry about buying electrolysis machines is of 2017.
I am already used to electrolysis at home as I have an old One Touch I have used it with some povitive results, but I need a more professional one for my face with thinner needles, for intensive use.
Furthermore, I’m not sure what to buy and where to buy it.
I am a female and live in The Netherlands, Europe.
Can you please advise?
Many thanks

Mijn vriend, en oud-studente Jana v.d. Landen (Woerden) is met pensioen en zou haar machine waarschijnlijk verkopen. De machine is van Nederlandse makelij en zeer betrouwbaar. Ik heb ook publicaties op mijn website in de Nederlandse taal. Neem contact met mij op via mijn privé e-mail als je meer informatie wilt.

Hoi Bono, ik weet niet waar ik je privé e-mail kan vinden…
de Nederlandse taal is niet belangrijk per se omdat ik een allochtone ben dus Engels is het toch beter. Je website werkt niet meer, helaas…
Ik hoor graag van jou.

Yes, we deleted my website because it was impossible to update. Now only the Youtube and electrologynow website. My email is( redacted by moderator) . Send an email and I will give you Jana’s email. I hope she still has her machine! I have some more information for you too …

oke i wrote you

Hi Mike ,
I redacted your email; address because I wasnt so sure you wanted it listed here. We’re seing a lot of spam bots here . As You and stephanie were now in Contact, I thought this was prudent.

Oh thanks kiddo … you always “have my hairy old wrinkled back!” Still, I have not heard from (the real) Stephanie. I did get a “spam-ish” email … but it was somebody claiming to be Stephanie and trying to “sell me” internet services. I deleted it. Ahhh, the good old days of “carrier pigeons!”

Here’s the actual email I got and, as you can see, it looks bogus. (Only the “Groeten” looks right.) I mean, she’s looking for a machine in The Netherlands, right? WTF?

Hi Mike,

Stephanie from Hairtell. This is my email address.
Do you need help with updating a website? I am a web developer. I am all about barter services.