What am I doing wrong?


:confused: I just got the One Touch Electrolysis unit. Every hair that I have tried to treat has been unsuccessful. I have tried 2 treatments at 15 seconds each, with the dial set at 10, on about 20 different hairs. I experience the “tingle”, yet the hair still resists. What am I doing wrong?


Hi! I’m not the best person to reply to this because the home electrolysis wound up driving me insane and I gave up … but I wanted to jump in before you fry your skin or something. :smile:

A little bit of resistence when you try to pull the hair MIGHT not mean it didn’t work. It could just mean that the hair is thicker than the opening. Especially if you had the dial turned all the way up like that, I’m sure it was enough! So don’t keep holding it longer and longer or anything. Don’t scar yourself! It may be that you’re just getting a little resistence despite successful treatment. I’ve heard this is possible.

That’s all I wanted to jump in and suggest! Now somebody else might have a better answer …


There is definitely a learning curve with do-it-yourself electrolysis… I had to be patient and try changing things a bit until I was able to acheive the results that I wanted. Now it is a breeze for me to use the One Touch and I actually enjoy working on it and seeing my progress! I think that you would find NoHair’s previous posts on this forum as well as his website ( http://www.nohair.info/ )to be extremely helpful. For me, just making the “foot pedal” alteration using a sponge made all of the difference in the world.

Good luck!


i used a one touch for awhile . Found that the treatment worked even if the hair was alittle tight comming out. I started thinking that it had to come out very freely wich requierd long teatment times which resulted in scaring .I installed a foot switch and wrist band for a ground which helps alot . I recomend anyone doing this themself look for a used pro unit .You can buy packs of probes and not worry about the bending and they come in different sizes . I bought a computerised fisher unit from ebay for 400 . Was the best dicision , works better and quicker.


It’s tough to do on yourself, especially with those little One Touches. If you plan on doing a lot, a used pro unit can be a better option.