What am I doing wrong?

i’m new to hair removal; i’m a guy who’s started swimming a lot and i want to wax my chest. i don’t seem to be getting the hang of it, though: not much hair’s coming off, even though the wax is hot. so maybe someone could tell me:

  • how hot should the wax be?
  • how long should i leave the strips on before pulling off?
  • any suggestions for good waxing products?

thanks :smile:

i also have hair around my nipples, and i’ve tried using a depilatory cream (Marzena) but it’s giving me chemical burns (sensitive area i guess). should i just pluck/tweeze?

Yes, don’t get depilatories on or near your nipples. Most say that in the instructions. Better to pluck these individually.

Wax consistency take a while to figure out. You have to put it on at a temp where it hurts for just a second, then press in the strip right at the perfect moment of cooling (varies by wax), then pull it off after it has cooled to the next stage (again, variable).

The little pots of wax with warmers are usually pretty good, or the ones with cartridges if you’re feeling like making an investment.