What age should I do it?,any place close to DC?

I’m 17 and a half I noticed hair on the top of my arms and lower back about a year ago. Since then a lot has come in, the top of my shoulders, entier back, entire top of my arm. Would it be cost effective to have it done this summer when i turn 18. I’m going to be going to a colelge about 30 min from the beach.

Also,Is there any place close to D.C. that wouldnt’ charge me 1000 dollars a session to have it done on those areas?

The interesting thing about hair growth on men is that it only just begins in the teen years, and gets coarser and more extensive as they get older. I would recommend waiting until you are about 21-23 to start hair removal treatments. This will give you a better idea of the extent of involvement, and allow the hairs to coarsen and darken a little. You could look at other male family members to get an idea of what kind of hair growth you can expect, but if you start treatment too soon (before major terminal hair growth) then you could have bald areas in the treated areas with hairy areas on the periphery where new growth has started. Men start growing hair on their chests in a diamond pattern that will extend over time to involve the abdomen, shoulders, lower back and finally the whole back. This process could take from your late teens to your late 30’s, and you can’t kill hairs before they become terminal. Some men experience this process in a more accelerated time frame (I have one client who is 23 and literally covered with dense, black hair) because of ancestry/ethnicity. Try to wait at least a couple of years. $1000 per treatment sounds a little high, when you could need 5-9 treatments. Do some more research in your area - you should be able to have a free consultation and get pricing at that time. Good luck, and be patient. :wink: