What about electrolysis on chest(male)?

I’ve been getting electrolysis on my face to clear my beard for about 2 years now, with great results. Recently, I’ve been thinking about getting some type of treatment for my chest. I normally use an epilator on my chest, but it never really looks totally smooth.
My practioner also uses the Coolglide, so I could use that, or I could get electrolysis. I’m just so hesitant to use the laser, because it’s so expensive, and I don’t know if I’d have good results. For my face, before I started electrolysis, I had some treatments with Epilight, with less than stellar results. I know Epilight is not laser, but still, I know electrolysis works.
I guess the chest hair is medium as far as thickness goes, and the color is dark brown.
Would it take forever if I started electrolysis on my chest, or should I just go ahead and try laser first?
Any thought or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

If you want proven permanent results stick with electrolysis. I would do the blend. How long will it take? How many hairs per square inch. Do you have wall to wall plush carpeting or just a few throw rugs?