What a mess!


I had electrolysis 2 weeks ago, she used flash and blend method, and I had to hold a metal bar? Anyway 2 weeks on and my face is such a mess I could cry, Ive got more pin pricks than a dartboard, its brough me out in rashes and spots, and the amount of times my friends at work have asked what is wrong with my skin is unreal. Im devastated, no makeup can cover this unsightly rash, and Im still as prickly as before. Im going to have to think long and hard about going for this treatment again, shaving makes me feel like a freak of nature, but Ive never had all these lumps and bumps before.

Oh and I managed to get a bottle of “Tendskin” that a lot of you seem to like, from a reputable firm in the UK. Not sure if this has helped. Its very strong and it stings but what the hell I thought. At the moment Im using good old fashioned Zinc and Castor Oil cream, incase any of you are not familiar with this…its just nappy rash cream LOL

Sorry for ranting, I feel miserable and low tonight. Finding this site was the best thing I ever came across on the net, and for that Im truly thankful xxx


I wonder how many people give up on electrolysis because of overtreatment?

You know, Jemima, even though it sounds like you were overtreated with scabs still visible 2 weeks after treatment, I wouldn’t give up. Is it possible for you to interview another electrologist?

Whether you stay with your present electrologist or look for someone else, you’ve now have had the unfortunate experience of being overtreated and you will certainly know if this is happening to you again no matter who continues. Perhaps a good place to start would be to have the person who treated you see what your face looks like now. Perhaps this person will correct the epilator settings and re-examine her technique so this doesn’t happen to you or anyone else again. If no attempt is made to offer you better treatment, your obligated to find someone else. May I add, that you should get a test patch done first to see how your skin reacts to the new electrologist.

Persistant overtreatment can lead to scarring. Don’t allow this to happen to you again. Please don’t pick at the scabs, either. Your skin will heal - give it more time.

Zinc and castor oil? Are they helping?