Westwood: Dawn's Hair Removal Studio

<strong>Dawn’s Hair Removal Studio</strong><br>
<em>Dawn McKinley</em><br>
<p> 645 McKinley Ave.<br>
Westwood, NJ 07676<br>
(201) 666-2004
<p><strong>e-mail: </strong>rejuvskinspa@optonline.net
<strong>website:</strong> www.hairremovalnj.com
<p><strong>Office Hours:<br>
</strong>Open 7 days a week</p>
<p><strong>Office Rates:</strong><br>
F ree consultations and sample treatments<br>
Description of Practice:</p>
<p align=“center”>Also Offering Photorejuvination Face Treatments and Dermabrasion</p>
[li]Latest, fastest most effective method available</li>[/li] [li]Intense pulsed light pemanent hair reduction</li>[/li] [li]Safe and affordable</li>[/li] [li]All areas can be treated in men, women and teenagers</li>[/li] [li]Private and confidential </li>[/li] [li]Specializing in difficult cases</li>[/li] [li]Transgenders welcome</li>[/li] [li]NJ state liscened and experianced for 18 years</li>[/li][/LIST]
<p align=“center”><strong>Don’t be embarrased by UNWANTED HAIR anymore.<br>
Increase your SELF CONFIDENCE</strong>