Westfield - Ruth Coutant-Villa, CPE

Ruth Coutant-Villa, CPE<br>
<em>Ruth C. Villa, CPE</em></p>
<p> 1100 South Avenue<br>
Westfield, NJ 07090<br>
(908) 654 4322</p>
<p>Office Hours:<br>
Tuesday through Saturday</p>
<p>Description: </p>
[li] Board Certified Electrologist with the highest level of sterilization</li>[/li] [li]Disposable needles and State of the Art equipment, including a Zeiss Microscope [/li] and Sequential Blend Epilation as well as Thermolysis. </li>
[li]Private suite located in professional building in a convenient location [/li] with free parking lot. </li>
[li]In Janurary of 2002 I started my eleventh year in business </li>[/li] [li]Free consultation </li>[/li] [li]Appointment only<br>[/li] </li>