Western New York, need help

Hey I am a 26 yeaar old mal with hair all over. I can live wiht the chest and stomache hair, but I can’t stand having hair on my back, shoulders, or top of my arms. I haven’t been swimming in years, and it has ruined my confidence around women. I want to get rid of it while I still have some youth left in me.
From what I understand, electrolysis is the only permamnent solution. Yet I also understand that getting it done for the back can cost up to $30,000. I cannot afford such a price. If anyone knows a good electrologist in the Western New York area, or a dermatologist who can provide a free consultation, gives good results, and doesn’t overcharge, I would appreciate it. My skin is dark, so I don’t think I can use laser/flash.

Also, if anyone has gotten electrolysis for their back and shoulders, I would like to hear how much it cost, so I can get a good estimate. I would hate to go to a consultation only to find out that it is forever out of my reach due to exorbitant prices.

I also would liek to know if waxing is effective fro back hair, and if it is possible to do on yourself, or if you need a partner.