Well, I just setup a consultation with Advanced Laser Clinics

here in sacramento.

Just doing this is a huge step for me. I’ve been debating for a year just to go in there. Mainy because of:


I’ve got A and B taken care of I think, financially? Thats another question. But at least I will be able to get an idea of what they can do for me.

I want my chest and abs done as priority number one, but that alone is looking to be around 600. But then I KNOW I’m gonna wanna get my shoulders done. Thank god I don’t have a problem with my back, although I have a several dark thick ones that sprout (which worries me no end).

Anyways, I’ll let you know what they say.

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Hello Ad-man,
For the “embarassment,” I can tell you 50% of Australian Laser Clinic’s clients are male. (This has been reported in newspaper.)

I had the same problems as you do.

But, I figurued… The people at the clinics see this stuff all the time.

I figured who would I rather be embarrased with? A doctor who I’ll see (hopefully) for only a year or two, or my peers and loved ones?

Just got back -

I must say I’m 100% more confident now that I have spoken to them.

They are very personable there and easy to talk to. My skin type is III but she said that I look to be perfect for the procedure.

Price is an issue, though. I did setup a tentative date for April 18, so if I’ve got the cash I think I’ll give it a shot. I think she said it will be around $480 for chest and abs but I’ll have to check on that.

I’ll tell you what, though. I got in there with just chest and abs in mind, but by the time I was done, I was ready to sign up for shoulders and arms as well. Addictive =(

She was very impressed with all the information I knew when I went in for the consultation, so I gave this website a plug hehe. She said she was familiar with consumerbeware.com (ugh) but not this one. I told her to definitely check this out.

More info later

Good! Be sure to keep us posted!

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did this. You’ll feel like a new person! Good luck.


Hey Ad_Man,

Quick question Did they give you the 5% I mentioned and was I right about the fiancing and packages?

Like I said they do it down here but I was wondering if they do it up there?


Honestly, I didn’t ask about financing. It totally slipped my mind (as did 100 other things). They did offer that discount, though, and the free treatment if you pay for the package.

Also, she said with chest and abs you only have to go back every 10-13 weeks. Thats MUCH better then the 6-8 I was expecting. That would actually give me some time to save.

Now that you’re past the initial concerns, you might call back with a copy of the laser questionnaire in front of you. Be sure to ask about financing, and volume discounts.

They offered me that package price, I think buy 5 now get the 6th free or something, but thats just outrageously out of my price range right now.

I don’t even know if I am gonna be able to come up with the 500 needed for the initial one :roll_eyes:

I forgot to ask about financing (duh!) when I was there, but I don’t have the GREATEST credit history hehe so we’ll see :wink:

I’ll keep you posted!

i just went to my first treatment with ALC in San Mateo. i went for a consultation and signed up there and then. (i had already seen one other place and done research for over a year).
my initial impressions were that i would not go there, but my impression changed once i got talking to them and i liked their attitude. the clinic manager got her leg out on the table and showed me her lack of hair, and the nurse who treated me showed me her underarm and legs as she had similar hair growth pattern to me. i will do a full report including my first impressions of the other place i consulted at soon, and explaining why i made my decision…
they gave me a huge deal, i got the buy 4 get one free deal which uncludes 2 years free treatment if you stay on the (average) 10 week program. i was able to negotiate because the thighs i am having treated are not a full area (the real problem being the inner and back), so i ended up getting a whole leg treatment for the same price. even the nurse who treated me told me it was a great deal.

ALWAYS negotiate where possible. times are hard and the economy is in a slump right now and the repercussions affect every type of business! deals can be made!

of course, price should not be the main deciding factor!
i will do a full report after my second treatment.


Thanks for the info, Skippy. My appointment is for the 18th, but if they can’t work with me on the price I’m going to have to cancel. Its just too expensive for me right now.

I’ll see what they can do.

It’s expensive in the States… I get my full beard including neck for CAD 350, which is equivalent to USD 230.

Blah! Yah I called them yesterday. They won’t split any prices unless you take the package which would be $970 then and then $970 in 30 days.

I might be out of luck here.

Thanks for the report, skippy, and you are definitely right about it being a buyer’s market nowadays with laser. Negotiation can save big, so comparison shop.

Please keep us posted on your progress!

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