well after successfully completing both of my arms completely...

I decided to move on to my mustache.

I did about 20 hairs today and it was relatively easy.

It seems to me, to successfully remove my mustache it will take about a month.

I’ll keep ya posted on my progress


[6-17-2003] (TOE=11:00am-11:30am) 20 HAIRS
[6-19-2003] (TOE= 3:00pm - 3:30pm) 50 HAIRS

findings betw33n 6-17-2003 + 6-19–2003 is as follows: the 20 holes from 6-17 healed completely: conclusion is that the face heals much faster than arms, but I put neosporin on so that may be why

outch, well looks like the last of it will be

[6-19-2003] (TOE= 4:00pm - 7:30pm) 350 HAIRS
had to do a few breaks this round

here’s the last of it picture, should take me an hour or less with breaks to finish it off lol

<img src=“http://www.geocities.com/tinyhairtells/must.txt” alt="" />

my month prediction turned into a day or less lol, of course there will be some clearance needed but who cares about that, i could just shave it off easily now i think

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Do you do it while looking at yourself in the mirror? wow, girl, how do you do it? I guess I wouldn’t be able to! congrats to you!
Keep us posted!

what gave you the impression I was a girl?

was it me saying mustache?

day after= wtf, my lip swelled up to 4x its size

now I gotta go around wearing a sars mask

the doctor thingy i think, hmmm. maybe not a good idea?

ahaha, that would scare the living bajesus outta governers state university where I attend college. muhahhahah

ohh where can I buy one?

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Hi! I don’t know, I am not a native English speaker, and it just sounded to me that “tiny” was a female name in US, as “tini” is a nickname here for some female names LOL. Sorry!!!

oh, actually this is my mates nickname from england.

I went to visit him u know. lol we went to amsterdam for new years:)

hey, i actually did several hairs on my upper lip and i must say, the reaction i got there was NOTHING compared to what i had on my leg. Within the hour the redness had subsided and my face was back to normal. i think the face is alot easier than my arm or leg, plus the hair is thicker so i can easily get the probe in. hehe, didnt do too many as i dont want to go around wearing a SARS mask. i think several hairs every day or every other day will do just fine, yet i did use neosporin to help ease the swelling and redness. worked great. i just cant seem to get the hang of doin my arm though. any suggestions on doing the arm are welcome.

well, can’t suggest to much because I did my arm first.

but now that Ive done my stache I found the stache much easier to do. and yeppers , the face sure heals fast!

well, for the arm, try a few hairs in different places, i found at the top, above the elbow, the bicept area on the side to be pretty easy, also the bottom of the wrist… like if you were to karate chop someone, where it would hit them, that area is real easy also. and never go straight in, the angle for the hairs seemed to always be near a 45 degree angle.

not sure other than those few tips… maybe crank the dial up a few since its just yer arms:) hehe

oh ye, how far are you on yer stache or beard??

I mean, you just been doin some on yer upper lip?

I gotta wait to finish my upper lip cause I gotta family thing commin up. but after a week or so i’ll finish it then I plan on doing like the neck area i think, i bet the neck area is hard

yeah see i just got the one touch like a month ago. i tried some hairs on my arm and on my leg but not too many i just wanted to see the reaction i would get.

— on the arm the redness went away quickly but i had bumps for like 2 or 3 days. on the leg, a little bit of redness stayed for like almost 2 weeks. i had given up for a while because it seemed really hard, but then i decided to pick it up again. i’ve practiced with it a lot more making insertions, mostly with it off so it is getting easier i believe another day or so and i’ll have it down pretty good.

i just did a few hairs on my upper lip to see what the reaction would be…i’ll probably just try to thin it out some so the shadow wont be as dark. a few hairs here and there ya know cuz it’s not very bad but with dark hair the shadow shows. oh well i can only get better at this huh?

because I had family arrangments for the 4th of july I had to break to look presentable.

moving onto beard now as mustache is done

so the updated schedule is as follows



[6-17-2003] (TOE=11:00am -11:30am) 20 HAIRS
[6-19-2003] (TOE= 3:00pm - 3:30pm) 50 HAIRS
[6-19-2003] (TOE= 4:00pm - 7:30pm) 350 HAIRS


mustache done moving onto beard (not neck yet)
[breaking to look presentable during family 4th of july]
[7-08-2003] (TOE= 1:00pm - 4:30pm) 150 HAIRS
[7-10-2003] (TOE=10:00pm - 1:30am) 200 HAIRS
[7-11-2003] (TOE=10:00am -10:30pm) 250 HAIRS
[7-12-2003] (TOE=12:00am - 7:00pm) 450 HAIRS
[7-13-2003] (TOE= 04:00pm - 5:00pm) 90 HAIRS

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