Weird rash/ side effect after waxing (Nads)!!

I used Nads two days ago for my facial hair, and naturally, I experienced redness, but I was fine the next day. Things started to get weird the day after that; when I woke up and got ready to wash my face, I noticed that patches of my skin were dry (not just ordinary dry, but totally sandpaper feeling dry). The patches were a little discolored (not red, just darker) and looked a little stretched and wrinkly. When I would smile, the patches didn’t want to bend with the rest of my face and creases would form. It might be because of my make-up, soap, or my touch up plucking… but it’s strange that it took 2 days for these patches to come about.
If anybody is familiar with this situation or has a little advice, I would really appreciate it if you posted a message.

Welcome, Jenny-O!

I haven’t heard of this specific problem before, but it’s possible you had a reaction to something in the product. There may be a dye or chemical that doesn’t agree with your skin.

The other possible culprit may be that you took off a very thin layer of skin cells. This can sometimes happen, especially if you’re using certain topical creams liuke Retin-A or a lotion with alpha-hydroxy acid. It can also happen if you use a facial scrub.

What I would suggest is not using it on your face for a while and test it out on less cospicuous areas. If you’r having the same problems eslewhere, it may not be a good option for you.

thanks Andrea! The rash thing healed up in 2 days (lots of lotion, soap, etc). I didn’t. I used nads on my arm a couple days ago and it turned out fine. I guess my face is just little extra sensitive.

Yes, a note to all readers-- if you’re trying a new product, I recommend trying a test patch on an inconspicuous area a few days before using it on your face. That way you can reduce the chances of an unwanted reaction in a very visible place.

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Hi all
I also bought Nads to use on my face, I use an ordinary honey type wax on my legs, I found the Nads left my face dry and hard feeling. :angry:

So I used my normal wax instead and it worked fine with no dry patches! I think that Nads may be a little over rated?

Denise :relaxed: