Wedding Waxing

I want to get legs, armpits, eyebrows all waxed for wedding, as well as wax the fiance’s back. What is the best timeline for this? We want to still be hairless, but not have any swelling or anything. I’m new to it except eyebrows which sometimes develop a little bit of raw skin for a few days.

Depending on when your wedding is I would start a few months before. Especially when it comes to a mans back wax the first wax is the most irratating but it becomes less so with each sucessive wax. When it comes down to the deadline I would say a week before the wedding.
I am thinking that if your eyebrows are raw for a few days afterwards you might want to look into a different waxer. In my expierence if you do your brows often the irratation should only last a couple of hours tops. For your wedding go ahead and spend the extra money getting a really oood waxer who uses qualaty products.