Website Question

Hi Andrea,

Great Site! Hey wanted to let you know when you go to you are missing a index file as it shows directory browsing and file structures which I dont know if that was the objective

Just a friendly note keep up the good work

We’re making a bunch of major technical revisions to the site this week, so stay tuned! Thanks for letting me know, and if anyone else finds an issue, please let me know!

I have noticed that links that were in old posts may not be in sync with the new site. I hope we don’t have to loose all those links to past posts within posts.

I also saw a feature that said “add this post string to your favorites” that would give one a reference to keep easy track of favorite strings. I can not find that now, and would really love to use that feature, as it would be so much easier to go to that list, pull down the best string that already answeres one of the frequently asked questions, and thus save me on having to either write another mini book, or spend time scrolling through the search feature to find a string and post a link and quick answer.

Thanks again for everything Andrea and all the rest involved keeping this thing on the upward swing.


For some reason, I can’t get to the mature forum anymore. I know the password (I won’t type it here) but it didn’t work a few days ago when I tried it. Now I can’t even get to the password screen, I just get the screen that says access denied. Has the password changed? Am I missing something? Just curious. Thanks in advance.

Hi Bryan:

Sorry about the inconvenience! I have revised the Mature Forum Archive so that you have to choose it in your user profile. I discuss how to do that <a href=“”>here</a>:

James, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I will need to go in and hand code the changed links-- there’s no find/replace option, since the numbering system has changed.

Hi Andrea,

Is there something I need to do to enable viewing the photos attached to a user’s name - yours, for instance? I click on the little camera icon under your name and get directed to a page but there is nothing there. No fair hiding! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

Oops! Sorry! I was away for a few days-- I will look at this very soon!


Patrick, I checked your permissions and you should be able to post photos. Just go to this page:

And follow the instructions. If you are getting an error, let me know.

Submitted photos are held in a cue for approval, then should appear in the photo section.