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[petulant insults deleted]

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Mad Harry I think it is about time you took your opinions and issues away from this forum. Most of what you have posted offers nothing but unwanted criticism of people you do not know.


I still don’t understand why or how you think that RJC, and now webman are here to “sell” lasers online . . . Have you read all of their posts ? (I have) . . .

If you put them together chronologically, you can observe their experiences and see where they’re coming from . . .

Usually sales people are a little bit less candid and much less open about why they think what they think . . . And they don’t post experiences and follow ups about their own courses of treatment . . . and they’re usually not as cautious when it comes to telling people that what worked for one person will “definitely” work for someone else.

If you really sit down and read RJCs posts you might see that he has acquired knowledge and had experiences that led him to follow a particular course of treatment, and that he has not just brazenly touted one technology over the other for every person and every case.

Read some of the posts from people that REALLY sell these products and procedures (if you sit down and read the messages in the forum there are some that have IDed themselves) and you might see what I mean.

If you have some evidence or logic that you are follwing, then you should post it and let us all see how you got there.

Otherwise your posts might just make you look and sound a bit immature and silly. :roll_eyes:

If I were the admin, you would be banned.

If I were selling lasers I would be on dermatologist and plastic surgeon discussion boards.

So, you’re not “calling” anyone out. You’re just trying to make trouble .

The best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them, they’re just looking for attention.


ye, ban rcj2001!! 4 selling 2 unsuspected customers!

errrr, where’s the proof?? links etc

How bout they ban you.

I’m not sure, but I think Tiny was being sarcastic (look at the last line of his message) . . . :smile:

Everyone’s wish is my command. Rude poster go bye-bye.