We can't make hair grow, so why......


Why is it that when we cut it, i’ll grow stronger (coarse)? and when we shave i’ll look or is more amount of hair?
What makes the hair grow faster?
Why if i have only 1 hair in my chin, after tweezing for lets say a year, i have several more?
I know i’m making a lot of question about hair growth, maybe somebody can give a website where to find the answer to them.
Thanks in advance.


Hey that’s one of those great things that many women can look forward to as they age… :roll_eyes: new hair sprouting up where we least want it.

From what I can gather, plucking stimulates increased blood flow to the area which may in turn result in more hair growth. It makes sense to me… FYI my mother-in-law is carrying significant extra weight and has diabetes which has resulted in very poor blood circulation in her legs and feet; anyhow, she grows hardly any hair on her legs at all because of it…she never shaves at all and you can’t even tell. Of course there are other problems that go along with it (like not healing properly and nerve damage).