Ways to make One Touch Faster & Easier to use?

My attempts with the One Touch have been successful so far. The terrible scarring I’ve been reading about does not apply to me. Perhaps those people weren’t inserting the needle properly and were burning skin as a result. It seems as though different parts of the body require different settings of time and intensity of current. For ex. my eyebrows (black thickish hair) require more than 20 sec on the 8 intensity whereas on the armpits even 3 hurts.

What bugs me intensely is dubbing my fingers on runny salty water every so often. This really slows me down as I afterwards have to wipe the stylet, dry my fingers so I can use the tweezers and then all over again. Salty fingers also feel uncomfortable and sometimes if water finds it’s way round the nail it feels like electroshock. Is there any other method apart from the article on adding a foot switch to the stylet? As the machine is a new acquire I’m not ready to make permanent modifications just yet. Is there a more easy solution? Perhaps something I can wrap my finger with?

Also are you aware of any more One Touch-specific pages with info/tips etc?

So far I’ve found:
http://www.hairfacts.com/tips/diyelectro/diyelectips.html(of course <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />)
<a href=“http//www.geocities.com/starlight_refraction/electrolysis.html” target="_blank">http//www.geocities.com/starlight_refraction/electrolysis.html</a>

It sounds like you have been doing you homework on this. I have two things to suggest though…

  1. The footswitch mod is not a permanent change. All you need is some electrical tape to wrap the end of a stripped wire onto the silver band. It comes off easily if you don’t like it. The other end goes to a sponge placed in a bowl of saltwater. I used an aligator clip to make this durable. Then, just tough your foot to the sponge. This is really simple and reversable.
  2. Recently someone suggested using a metal thimble. You put something spongelike moistened with saltwater into the thimble then insert you finger. Then each time you touch the thimble to the metal band, the connection is made. A seach of this site on “thimble” may turn up some more detailed directions…
    Good Luck,